November 18, 2009

Create Your Own Agent Card for THE 39 CLUES

39clues_130 Thanks to all the fans of The 39 Clues, and congratulations on being top-level Clue-hunters! World domination doesn’t come easy, does it? That’s one of the first lessons Amy and Dan learn.

You may not have all 39 Clues yet, but you can still showcase your Clue-hunting prowess by designing your very own agent card on Check out my card right here.

39 Clues - Gordon's agent card
First you have to create a Cahill alias. That’s me – Desert Squall1. Then it’s time to show off your skills.

There are tons of cool images to add to your card – background designs, animals, weapons, characters from the series, etc. And of course, a little bragging never hurts. You get to display all your Clue-hunting accomplishments. But the coolest part is this: your card will have a unique code. So when you send the code to your friends (and rivals?!) your card will be added to their card galleries. My code is P2DTMN4WXP.

Risky? Perhaps. There’s no guarantee that your card won’t fall into Madrigal hands. But let’s face it – no guts, no glory. The Clue hunt is no place for wimps.

So when you create your agent card, rest assured I’ll be watching. The bigger question is: Who else will be?

See you on the hunt! And if you haven’t joined the hunt for the Clues yet, it’s never too late to join!

— The 39 Clues Author, Gordon Korman (aka Desert Squall1, Card Code: P2DTMN4WXP)

  1. TwilightFan424

    I agree with pat. It is really fun and awesome so make your own card. You can customize it the way you want and stuff.

  2. M.cahill11

    I really love this new feature! I’ve read all the books so far and this is one of my favorite series! Here’s my agent card(well one of them, at least): P224M3K3XP Hope you all like the card! Happy clue hunting! =)

  3. kelsey

    one day i went on my account and saw the lilltle thing mentioning it so i clicked it and got my card.code can b found on the 39 clues boards.

  4. inky444

    i just started The Maze Of Bones. and your is right they shouldn’t just make 10 they should make 39.

  5. jacob

    hi i didint get a 39 clues book but my teacher is reading the maze of bones so i think that they should make more then 10 books i thinkthey should make 25 books

  6. amy o

    i like what you did with the captain underpants i got was 7,805,000 points one that game i wish that you could make another game for the boys and girls.

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