November 9, 2009

Create a Caption: It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

Createacaption There once was a cute little pup named Larry,
But due to his size wasn’t that hairy.
And when he was found in a mug,
This little non-pug
Was not even remotely scary.


I did the rhyme and now you gotta take the time…and tell me what this little pup is thinking!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. Charmfairy/Miranda

    “Uh….where am I? Hah-hah… I’m in a mug! Why is master shaking her head? Aahh! I don’t want to leave!”

  2. Gatorade8

    Sorry but I don’t really like your poem… theres too many just like them!!! Do something Unique!!!
    Gatorade8 <3

  3. mbfan

    the dog is so cute i wish i had one but i think he or she is saying “would you like a cup of tea?” with a british accent