November 9, 2009

Create a Caption: It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

Createacaption There once was a cute little pup named Larry,
But due to his size wasn’t that hairy.
And when he was found in a mug,
This little non-pug
Was not even remotely scary.


I did the rhyme and now you gotta take the time…and tell me what this little pup is thinking!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. Caley

    Sheila is my sister.We are complete opposites. She is good at rhyming and I am not. I think it is saying,”I know u want 2 cuddle me and love me, but I am comfortable with this mug.” By the way sis, I love your rhyme! :)

  2. Sheila

    It is probably thinking “I heard your rhyme. You took the time.Now I see that you feel just fine. I am hungry, if you don’t feed me soon, I will have eaten your dessert by noon.” I am good at rhyming. What do you think about my rhyme?

  3. manga eyes

    how bout’ “I wish i was in a mug full of coffee!!! Then maybe i might actually feel awake!!!!”he’s SUCH a crazy little pup!!!

  4. astra233233

    I think that this posting will well explain the makings of ” Larry, the Cup-Pup.”
    The stacks staffer was silly to write Cup-Pup. She wasn’t thinking that she was going to write such a wonderful stanza about ” Larry, the Cup-Pup.”
    - Astra233233

  5. HeroineHiding

    Wow. Could you please get me out of this thing? Oh, and i would also like some sugar or a doggy bone. Thx.