November 9, 2009

Create a Caption: It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

Createacaption There once was a cute little pup named Larry,
But due to his size wasn’t that hairy.
And when he was found in a mug,
This little non-pug
Was not even remotely scary.


I did the rhyme and now you gotta take the time…and tell me what this little pup is thinking!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. whatever100

    this pic is so cute and do you know what hes thinking kuz i know what hes thinking hes thinking that what is he doing in the cup inside well bye…from whatever100

  2. Candysplash

    Um…Why is everyone staring at me?Oh,is it because of this cup?Well,uh I’m kinda small,and in here it’s really cozy……….