October 19, 2009

YOU Write the Book Blurb: Spooky Edition

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Writingprompt_bookblurb I totally loved all the descriptions you guys came up with for my first fake book cover, so I thought I'd do another one. [cue applause — thank you, thank you]

This time I went dark and spooky, since Halloween is right around the corner. Any aspiring horror writers out there?

Or, since October is Mystery Month, why not turn this into a case for a master sleuth?

Either way, have fun with this cover for a completely nonexistent book by an absolutely nonexistent author:


Now it's up to YOU to write the description for the back cover. If this were a real book, what would it be about? Leave a comment with your book blurb — if you dare. . .

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

  1. cicimj

    Marty Wilkins is just your average kid when he moves to Lilly Falls. His nextdoor nieghbor, Professer Wilder and his nice, Emi are not quite what they seem. When a mystrious man across twon dies in an accident, they are the only ones invited to his funaral. Togerther thay must unravel a century-old mysteriy.

  2. Elizabeth

    Sal Peterson would always long for a more exciting, adventours life. Little did she now that when her Father dissapears after stopping by an old Engineer’s shop, Sal would be placed in the postiton of Sherlock Holmes. As an only child, Sal decides to find the Shadow Engineer and rescue her father… or is it already to late?

  3. catching_fire

    When Martin meets the new girl,Lucy, her imaganiton is sparked by the mysterious death of one of the townspeople. As they investagate, they learn the horrible truth about their small town…

  4. Karen, STACKS Staffer

    I’ve noticed that a lot of your fake book blurbs include uncles. Is there some sort of worldwide sinister uncle plot I don’t know about?! :-)

  5. Kindred

    12 year-old Jason Rodriguez has a very strange life. He lives with his uncle in a supposedly haunted house. One night, Uncle Juan goes missing inside the house. Now it’s up to Jason and his friends Patty and Gordon to find him. Will they, or will all of them go missing too?

  6. horsedogwolf

    I want to read these books, is what I keep thinking, and then I realize-they’re not real! Wah!
    Anyway, here’s my book blurb:
    This story takes place far in the future. The shaodw engineer has long been guarding a secret. The people of Senvensen know it, but they ask no questions. One person, however, knows it too…and he’s willing to kill to get the answer. When the shadow engineer dies, two children must track down the murderer…before it’s too late…

  7. Artemis (PoseidonOlympians)

    Accendium joleson has one dream, to be a train engineer. but soon in her new job she finds out that Brode Fale died on her train, and he isn’t in peace. at the makeshift storage room at the bottom of the train, she finds a grave, and it’s Brodes. But Brode isn’t dead…… yet.

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