October 28, 2009

R.L. Stine Goosebumps Webcast Today!

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Goosebumps_webcastLast week, author and fright-master R.L. Stine wrote about how excited he was for the live Goosebumps Webcast where he will be here in the flesh for a webcast to talk about his creepy books and answer questions.

Well, the fateful day has arrived! Prepare yourself!

(Yes, we know, it’s during the school day, and you might have a math test or something. If you can’t make it at that time, don’t despair, you can watch the video recap afterwards.)

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  1. holesdigger

    I sometimes get scared to DEATH after reading a goosebumps book!! That’s why I read them every day! I want to be an author just like you R.L. Stine. I am going to write my own-I got an idea for a story!! Wanna know what it’s called?? Alright! It’s called 12. LOL

  2. holesdigger

    I luv (love) his books, I read them all the time! Hav any of you read ROTTEN SCHOOL? It’s hilarious!! LOL I’m going to write an ending for the GOOSEBUMPS contest.

  3. shae

    hey r.l stine. my name is shae and i love your book! i read the series goosebumps because the cover looked interesting. once i read a goosebump book i couldent stop reading them and they are so scarey when i read them they give me chills in my own house even if im with my family with the lights on! the second series im reading is the nightmare room thrillogy 1. now that was good i wanna read part 2 and 3!well i just want to let you know your books are cool! keep making more and more books please!!!!!

  4. bella

    i love watching goosebumbs with my sis we both get scared but not frozen in place like potatoes.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Crystal

    I never really read Goosebumps… well i use to when i was like 7 years old. I guess it was okay. But i dont like reading!!!
    lol lol =]

  6. evelyna

    hi R.L. stein i am a HUGE fan of u and ur books.i wish u lived close to me so i can visit u every day LOL :) have a great day

  7. Screech.SnowyOwl

    0.0 R.L Stine books aren’t scary at all, but they are hilarious! I’ve seen TV ones like the ‘Scary Camera’ that was and LOL moment! Ha, well anyways thats my comment thnx bye

  8. Alyson

    i was watching at school and i thought that slappy was funny.My favorite par was the “story” and the interview. and i hope they do one next year

  9. Krista M

    Hi R.L. Stine,
    You have inspired me to write lots of scary storys, other storys, and novels.
    Sincerely, Krista
    P.S. I LOVE scary things and espescially halloween (I know that’s where we are not alike) !

  10. christian

    hay my name is christian im 10 years old in 5th grade im a big fan of goosebumps do you think you can make a book about a man eating pie it will be cool ur number 1 fan christian bie