October 29, 2009

Goosebumps Webcast and Writing Contest

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Goosebumps_webcastIf you were at the live webcast yesterday with R. L. Stine, wasn’t it COOL??!! (If you missed it, you can watch the video here.) He talked about his favorite books, advice for future writers, and a starstruck moment with HIS favorite author. Plus, he revealed that he’s always hated Halloween. Surprised? You’ll have to watch the video replay to find out why!

R. L. Stine was really funny, and Slappy was there too, being his nasty, creepy self. Kids in the audience got to ask questions, listen to R. L. Stine tell a new HorrorLand story about a zombie canoe ride, and he made a super-exciting announcement. . .

. . . A writing contest where YOU get to be the Fright Master! R. L. Stine wrote three scary story starters for you. Choose one and finish the story. Then send it to Scholastic, and R. L. Stine and his editors will choose the winning story!

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  1. pinkspring7

    i luv everything……nd d most mindboggling thing is d ideas R.LSTINE gets….like where does he get it from..?????

  2. hugfhhnbgghh

    I love your goosebumps books!They r so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If i do not win the contest can i still have a copy of a signed goosebumps book?

  3. sydnee

    did the camara make the people turn yellow on that episode that they put stuff in the cookies because they look wierd and my class watched the authur of goose bumps and there was this dummie and he was hurlaryus and can you put my name in your books beacuse i love your books P.S sydnee

  4. h.p bookworm

    I was there when it was going on, but my computer said I didn’t have Java, even though i downloaded it. Oh, well. I’m proably going to enter the contest.

  5. scary11

    R.L Stine you are my most favorite auther in the whole galaxy,except for stephanie meyer she wrote Twilight,newmoon,eclipse,and breakingdawn butt you will always be one of the two authors that I love the most thankyou love,makenna