October 23, 2009

Get Goosebumps Webcast

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Goosebumps_webcast Well, everyone, I’ve got a lot to do to get ready for my Goosebumps HorrorLand webcast. I’ve got to press my black cape. . . sharpen my fangs. . . practice my terrifying wolf howl. . . and drink lots of warm blood to keep my strength up. . .

Is it possible for the full moon to show itself at one o’clock in the afternoon (10 a.m. Pacific time)? Don’t worry. It will be as scary as midnight once we start sharing ghost stories and telling our scariest Halloween tales.

We’ll talk about my scary books and I’ll tell a scary story. I hear that maybe a few of my scary friends might drop by. Slappy the evil dummy wouldn’t dare come alive and interrupt our fun—would he?

We’ll see. I’ll be waiting for you.

What: Get Goosebumps Webcast Event
When: October 28, 1-1:30pm (ET) / 10-10:30am (PT)
Where: scholastic.com/goosebumpswebcast

Readers, beware—see you there, or at the video recap afterwards!

— R. L. Stine, Goosebumps Author

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  1. Mizar

    I watched Goosebumps as a kid on the tv.I have a long sleeve shirt that says,”GooseBumps”! I were it once in a while… I love monsters and weopons,and stuff like that… and always have,lol