September 10, 2009

YOU Write the Book Blurb!

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Writingprompt_bookblurb You guys have been totally cracking me up with your hilarious suggestions for our Create a Caption series, and I really wanted to get in on the action — but I couldn't find any good photos to use! So I thought I'd try something a little different and post a fake book cover for you instead!

So, here's the cover for a completely nonexistent book by an absolutely nonexistent author:


Now it's up to YOU to write the description for the back cover! If this were a real book (instead of the product of my warped imagination), what would it be about? Leave a comment with your book blurb!

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

  1. Xneops

    I don’t really know what to say I just like talking. Has anyone read this book or is it fake?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. oneorangeshoelace

    Here’s what’s up in Sid Johanssen’s life…
    -His best friend, Delia, is convinced that the world is about to be destroyed by something called a Sonic Crush.
    -His dog has fallen in love with the Siamese cat next door.
    -His little sister thinks she is a kidnapped princess.
    -He thinks he might be going insane.
    Then Delia begs him to help her with her way of avoiding the Sonic Crush by raising awareness. Always the artsy type, she wants to create a model of the imaginary Armageddon in the park. Sid agrees, and construction begins…and so does the greatest, zaniest adventure of his life.

  3. Atomboy

    This is not only an amusment park, but a battle. 13 year old Beth is invited to fight for the freaka of Sonic Crush Park, the freaks have their own powers, and Beth needs to find hers, along with all of this she has to defeat the Master, can she learn the secrets of this fun place or die trying.

  4. poseidonolympians

    okay, im sort of obbsesed with the percy jackson thing, but he’s awesome! (and very very funny!)

  5. PoseidonOlymipans

    Percy Jackson is turning seventeen, but he’s supposed to be dead, more people are joining camp half blood, and there’s one in peculiar, her name is Sonic Crush, And guess what? She’s a daughter of Artemis, and Artemis isn’t supposed to have kids. Sonic is a mistake, and wants to fix it for good, but Percy Jackson , has a feeling she’ll be important to save the world.

  6. Gabbie

    Boone has a harsh secret: he’s not all human. He’s half machine. His destiny is to save the world from a horrible apocalypse.
    (I know, it’s not the best description, but it might be a good plot. I just has to be explained better)

  7. surviving school

    hey guys its surviving school again i looked up that fake book, the sonic crush defenses, it isnt real :( , but there is a book called the sonic RUSH defenses :) i must have gotten them mixed up. OOPS! oh well

  8. suviving school

    hey i love the blog about the made up cracked me up. its so funny thats awesome i think that there is a really book called that, but i am not so sure. if i find out ill let you know.

  9. Juliet

    Catherine Woods wasn’t quite sure what was going on. But one thing she did know about the strange, fuzzy feeling that was coming over her after drinking that stupid orange crush?
    Nothing good was going to come of it.

  10. dewiedopper

    addison opens her fourtune cookie and it says defense. addison has no clue wat this meens, so she throws it away. she soons discovers the fourtune cookie brings her defence 2 her bad lukk and she sets off 2 find it…

  11. Lauren

    Someone finds these curved blocks of wood in the forest. On the side you find none other than fingerprints of a man. Who could have left these? The mystery of The Sonic Crush Defenses.

  12. ColaPepsi

    A young boy has no idea he even exists. Read on to find out about how the 11 year old boy finally finds out he’s on earth….. alive!

  13. manga eyes

    sonic crush is a typical teen-except at night when he’s…………….a defender one of the defenses that protect the president and other politicians.rlly its a get rich quick kind of thing protect our rich and famous and youll get paid.but its all a plot of sorts so sonic isnt rlly protecting the prez. instead hes in BIG trouble-and in the adventure of a lifetime.

  14. horsedogwolf

    Jaycee is thirteen and knows nothing about her past, except for four words: The Sonic Crush Defense. Soon, however, she finds herself wrapped up in a mystery involving a plot to conquer the world. Suspenseful, thrilling, and breathtaking, The Sonic Crush Defense is one you will never tire of reading.

  15. Amy

    One wood…one vortex…it all comes down to this. Woody and his little sister Pine have been assigned to guard the sonic vortex. But when Evil Oak and his minons are trying to take over the world inside, Woody and Pine must save the citizens of Florida before it’s too late!

  16. Dewdrop208

    12-year-old Marcus R is a normal kid, for now. Later, he meets Sonic Crush, a girl from the planet Creeton. She pleads for help, and of course, Marcus can’t reseist

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