September 4, 2009

Get ready, get set and RECOMMEND!

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Recommend_130 Now that the summer is coming to an end (darn!), I want to know what our Stacks' users (I mean YOU!) read this summer. Don't worry, this isn't an assignment. I just want to know which books you enjoyed so that I can build my own arsenal of books to read this fall.

So here's what I want you to do:

1) Name the book or books (because I'm sure you read tons) that you read this summer and just LOVED.
2) Provide the author's name of each book you can't get enough of.
3) Jot down a couple reasons why I should choose your book/books to read.
4) Give each book that you’re recommending a star rating between 1-5.

In a couple weeks I'll tell you which of the top three books I'm choosing to read. If your book makes the top three then you'll want to watch for the book's review right here on Ink Splot 26 because I'll be sending a special shout out to the Stacks user/users who recommended the book.

Get ready, get set and RECOMMEND!

—Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. Emily

    the harry potter series by j.k. rowling they r so awesome the last one is so amazing i hav read the whole series mor than 5 times in the last 2 years!!! ABBY i totally agree with u i love the maximum ride series i am reading the last one they r awesome!!!

  2. la la la

    so far this school year i have read 9 books i love to read. all the books i have read i think other people should read.
    the books i read were “riddles of epsilon”,”dead is a state of mind”, goosebumps”monster blood for breakfast”,”true talents”one of my favorites”flipped”,these two are a mini series “things not seen”and “thing hoped for”here are a few more “deep and dark and dangerouse” ,”premotions”
    “riddles of epsilon” its about a girl starts doing bad things like getting a nose ring and smoking so her parents move away to a small island where its only big enough for one village and after a few days her mom start acting kind of strange and soon the girl has to solve difficult riddles if she wants her mom to live.
    “dead is a state of mind” this book is the secound to a three book series. its about a girl with special ‘abilitys’ like seeing flash backs of what happended in that area her whole family has these ‘abilitys’ her two sisters are able to read minds and move things with there mind. there mom helps solve crimes withe police department. they dont know what happened to there dad but what there mom says is that one day he justed vanished while out on a job request. her mother has tryed for years to find him but has not suceeded. this book is actually a lot better than it sounded on the back but you should read the first book first.
    goosebumps”monsterblood for breakfast”
    i know that goosebumps are a little low for a 7th grade level but i love goosebumps. this goosebump book is one of the new ones R.L.stine just made.its the 5th one to the monsterblood series and i have to say its no where near as good as the 4th book but it is good.
    “true talents”
    true talents is the secound book to hidden talents but to be honest i dident read the first i dont know how it is but i do know that the secound one is awsome i mean if you like like paranormal stuff. its about a whole group a kids with special talent here’s what there talents and names are ‘martin’ he can see peoples deepest and darkest secrets. ‘trash’ he can move stuff with his mind ‘torchie’ he can start and put out fires ‘flinch’ can see into the furture ‘cheater’ can read peoples minds and last but not least ‘lucky’ he can find lost objects.
    this book is about a girl who has a big crush on the boy who moves in next door and she has a crush on him for the next for years but in eight grade he dident stand up for her and she lost all interest in him. then he starts to get a crush on her. will she give him a second chance?
    “things not seen”
    its about a boy who turns inviible and he dosent know why,how,or who did this to him but then he meets a blind girl and he tells her and her parents along with his. will they be able to solve the puzzleing mystery?
    “things hoped for”
    this book i have to say was astonishing how the author put the old charaects into the new book i cant talk much about this one it might ruin the surprise.
    “deep and dark and dangerouse”
    this book has shocking ending and a sad middle and some big no huge secrets you should most deffinetly read this book.
    this book is about a girl named gracie who loses her mother from a car crash and has so much self pity she dosent listen to anyone and this gets her friend emily upset than emily goes missing can gracie use her special gift to find her or will she go missing next.

  3. shane

    George W. Bush By: Ann Graham Gaines
    Do you like presidents? Especialy one that was serving as president when the terrorist attacked the United States on September 11, 2001? In this book you will find out interesting facts and memorable events that happened to George Walker Bush.
    In the book George W. Bush was a very intelligent child and I can relate to this by making all A’s on my report cards. In this book George W. was born in New Haven,Connecticut on July 6th, 1946. 2 years later in 1948 George and his parents, George and Barbara moved from Connecticut to Midland, Texas. After George had growed up, he went to high school at Phillips Academy un Andover, Massachusetts. George had graduated from high school in 1964. After high school George went to Yale University in Connecticut. George graduated college in 1968. After Bush graduated college he went to Harvard University’s business school. In 1975 George graduated with a master’s degree. After Bush had went to business school he, started liking politics. In 1977 George ran for congress and lost. In 1994 George ran for governor of Texas against Ann Richards. George won. In 1998 George ran for goeernor of Texas again against Garry Mauro. George won again for his 2nd term as governor of Texas. In the summer of 200 George W. ran for the 43rd president of the U.S.A. George won the republican nomination. George W.’s opponet was Al Gore. Bush won but it was very close.
    George W. Bush said “get ready for a long war on terrorism.” The book took place from July 6th, 1946 to March 11th, 2002.
    I would recommened this book to my friends because it gives a lot of information about him.

  4. Mallory

    Book: The Clique
    Author: Lisi Harrison
    The main characters of this book are Massie Block and Claire Lyons. Massie Block is the uncontested ruler in her her little clique, everyone at Massie’s exclusive private school wants to be her. Then there is Claire Lyons she just moved to the guesthouse of the Blocks Estate from Sunny Florida she and Massie haven’t been getting along to well, will she be apart of the clique? or not? The secondary characters are Dylan Marvil second in command, Alicia Rivera would love to take Massies place of ruler… just might, and Kristen Gregory she can be makin you swim in a pool of tears faster than you can say tricker-treat.
    Massie is the ruler of the clique, but now that Clair has came she is just totaly being rude to her! she doesn’t want Claire to be apart of the clique, if Massie is ever nice to
    Claire it’s because her mom is making her, not because she wants to Claire has to go to school with Massie and her friends at the very exclusive private school when she trys to make a new friend called Layne (Chris Albeys sister, Massie is like in LOVE with him!)Massie just snaches her up just so she can get close to Chris. So when Claire found out Massie was ditching her true friends Claire thought she should use that against her (only when she is on her daily walk with bean (Massies dog) Claire will sneak up into massies room and act like massie on her computer for Im (Instant Messanger) to talk to Dylan, Alicia and Kristan and act like Massie just absoloutley loves claire so she will get in the clique and push Massie out of her thrownso everyone will love Claire not Massie! well her plan works untill Massie finds out Claire was on her IM imitating her talking to her friends a almost splits them away from Massie. but in the end Massie windes up being Claires friend. I recomend this Wonderful book to girls because maybe you might just be able to relate to this book.

  5. Cody

    The title of my book is the outsiders. Do you ever wonder what happened in the 60′s well there are groups tht fight each other two main groups would be the Greasers and and the Socs. So I will tell you a little bit about this book.
    In the book the ousiders by S.E Hinton it is mainly about Johnny, Darry, Ponyboy, Dally and other greasers , some socs would have to be Bob, Cherry Valence and other socs. They mainly hate each other because the socs think they are so powerful because they are rich and have nice cars, and cloths, and they hate the greasers because they are poor and have greasy hair. and along the way johnny and ponyboy have to run away because johnny killed a soc.
    So this is the book to read if you like action and adventure, this book fascinated me when we read this book in class, and I bet this book will fascinate you too. So this is a little information about S.E Hinton. She actually witnessed the greasers and the socs, well you know being greasers and socs, and she wrote this book when she was sixteen, and its a bestseller so this has to be a really good book. so I hope you can read this book.

  6. cameron

    Carry on Mr. Bowditch
    Carry on Mr. Bowditch is an exciting historical fiction novel based on the time shortly after the American Revolution. The story tells of Nathanial Bowditch A.K.A. Nat who is a math genius, his sisters Mary, Lizza,and Lois. His father a former sea captain, his mother and grandmother,his brothers Hab and Wiliam. His wives, Elizabeth Boardman who will die while he’s at sea and Polly her cousin.Lastly Captain Henry Prince.
    After Nat is told that he could graduate from Harvard tomorow (he was 6) by impressing his craby schoolmaster Mr. Watson by showing him his gift for math, Harvard was his dream. But after his mother and grandmother die his father can’t provide for everyone. He makes Nat an indentured servant for the next 9 years. He will be the book keeper for Hobb’s and Bridge’s ship chanlery.
    But because of that he learns navigation, learns the tools, and when the time is up he becomes the 2nd mate and clerk onboard the Astra, then moves up to supercargo, then actualy becomes captain of the Putnam. He taught himself how to speak French, Latin, and Spainish. He found a mistake in Newton’s Principia, and 10,000 in Morre’s navigational charts and writes his own to replace Morre’s as the most accurate. He makes an alminack when he was 16.
    The list just keeps going, but if you want to know what happens run down to your public library and pick up a copy of Carry on Mr. Bowditch, or be like me and read it for the fourth time.

  7. Brandon

    How would you feel if you were kidnapped in the middle of the night by the king? I know i wouldnt like it!,but thats what happens in The Blue Sword. Young Harry (By the way harry is a girl) is sound asleep the night after Corlath, the king, comes to the small outlander town in the middle of a desert, and Corlath’s kelar(which is kind of like a source of magic) keeps popping images of Harry into his mind, so he comes to where Harry is sleeping and kindnaps her, and Corlath and his sleeping victim ride out to Corlath’s camp. On the way there Harry wakes up and doesnt know what is going on, when she realizes she is strapped to the back of a horse. I would definately recommend this book to anyone who likes sci-fi/adventure stories.

  8. Mck'la

    If my best friend was a werewolf and he didn’t tell me,I would be down right mad wouldn’t you?
    i guess me and Bella Swan don’t have that much in common.In NEW MOON Bella Swan world turns upside down,it all started on her 18th birthday.
    On Bella Swans 18th birthday she had been given a birthday party from her boyfriend Edward Cullens sister Alice Cullen.While at her bithday party Bella had cut herself,so Alices boyfriend Jasper Cullen the newest vampire of the family tried to attack Bella since she was bleeding.Which made Edward move with his family so he could stop putting Bella in danger.After about 5 months since Edward had been gone Bella was doing a lot better.She was starting to hang out with her best friend Jacob Black.Jacob was actually getting Bella back to her own self again.untill one day he just stopped talking to Bella.After about a month of not talking to Bella,Jacob went to Bellas house.Jacob gave bella a riddle so she could try to figure out what was going on with him.Bella had figured out that Jacob was a werewolf.After a couple of months of Bella knowing that Jacob was a werewolf Bella had decided to jump off a cliff so she could hear Edwards voice in her head.Before Bella could drown in the water Jacob had saved her.Alice had came back that day because she thought that Bella had drowned so she had told he rsister Rosalie that Bella had drowned.Well edward was actually checking in with Rosalie to see what was going on with her Rosalie had told Edward that Bella had drowned.So Edward was leaving to go to volterra so he could ask the volturi to kill him.Alice had told Bella that Edward was going to try to kill himself so both Alice and Bella went to volterra to save Edward from killing himself.Bella actually had saved Edward.So know Edward is back in Forks washington with his family in their old house so he could be with Bella once again.
    I would recommend this to everyone that loves the Twilight series.This is a very good intertaining book.

  9. Leesa

    If you want to be enrolled in Hogwarts witchcraft and wizardry then you need to read the book Harry Potter and the prizoner of azcaban!!!! In this book Harry is having trouble with homelife. He lives with his Aunt, Uncle And his cousin Dudly (the Dursly’s). They are horrible to Harry because hes a wizard and they dont like the fact that he is! They finally push Harry to the limit this time so he gets all of his stuff and leaves.Then this crazy bus comes along for lost wizards and he learns a few things on the bus that could possibly lead him to the truth about his parents death. On the bus they were all talking about a crazy murderer on the loose named Sirius Black.
    At hogwarts he finds out that Sirius Black was his parents best friend!!! he then over heard some teachers saying that Sirius Black is at hogwarts and hes looking for Harry. Why you might ask?!? Because he sided with he who must not be named and hes the reason harrys parents are dead!! he also finds out that Sirius Black is his Godfather!!! Then to make maters worse on the school grounds Harry discovers a horrible kind of creature called a dementor and theyre known to be the worst kind of creatures in the magical world but with the help of his two best friends Ron and Hermione,his trusted head master professor Dumbledore and even a little time, harry and his friends once again have an adventurouse year at hogwarts with a little courage and a lot of magic check out harry potter and the prisoner of azcaban!!!

  10. amber

    Max Ride is a thrilling adventure by a show stopping author James Patterson.He is my favorite author.You never know what lyes at the next page.
    In the first book max and her friend Iggy,Nudge,Fang,Angel,and Gasman are stolen from an institude.Were they transfuse d.n.a.They were formed with hawks.So they can fly.Taken by the leader Jeb and his son Ari to a underground military statoin.They turn it into a home.Long after they get there jeb leaves with ari.Now they are alone but not for long.A Group of Erasers invade there home.Taking angel back to the institude.Now they need to rescue her and the world.With the help of Max’s voice in her head and her human friend emmy.Many dangers lye ahead.
    Pain,Sarrow,and Seperation fused into one.As I said before it is a Thrilling,Breathtaking,and you will never want to put it down.Uncover the world of max and her friends as they escape the claws of there friend. Ari
    I recomend this book for nonstop,chapter loving teens.I give this book a 8 and a half.Because it is a mix of a world we as human are not permitted to know.I hope you read about max and her friends as they save the world.

  11. Ashleigh

    Geek Charming
    The princess and the frog, friends, no way. Dylan Schoenfield is the princess of Castle Heights High. She has the newest trends, the coolest friends, and the cutest boyfriend, now to top it off she the newest “it” bag. Now meet the frog: Josh Rosen a self professed film-geek. Who just so happens to have a crush on Dylan’s ex-BFF, Amy Loubalu. TThen, there is Asher, Dylan’s so-called-boyfriend, and not the brightest crayon in the box.
    This was taken place in the posh neighborhood of Los Angeles in 2009. Some of the time, it took place at Castle Heights High School. Lastly, at The Dell, which of course is a mall whichDylan’s dad owns.
    Then, when Dylan accidentally tosses her bag into a fountain, these two worlds collide. When Josh saves her bag, Dylan is forced to help Josh make a documentary about high school popularity. But, Josh realizes that it’s not all just glitters and gold.
    Then, when Dylan’s prince-charming dumps her like last months Gucci. She is shocked to find that she is not as cool as she think she is. Then, to top it off once the documentary is shown it makes her out to be worse than she really is and lose her so-called-friends. But, in her social breakdown that she is becoming friends with Josh and liking it.At the end, Dylan finds her own prince charming and Josh gets the courage to ask out Amy. But since it’d be nice if you actually read the book you’ll have to find out if Dylan gets her social life back to what it used to be.
    I would recommend this to my friends. Why,you say? Because this book is funny and yet it still sort of teaches you a lesson. Also, you can relate to some of their problems. But, you’d like Geek Charming by Robin Palmer because it will keep you smiling the whole time.

  12. Hannah

    Diary of a Teenage Girl
    Popularity. There’s always a time when a teen does almost anything to be “popular”. Well, this happens to Caitlin O Conner, the main character of the novel, Diary of a Teenage Girl.
    Caitlin is a character made up by Melody Carlson, and lives in the pages of Diary of a Teenage Girl. Caitlin seems like a typical teenage girl. She wants popularity, friends, and even the cutest guy in the school, Zach Miller.
    Caitlin begins to talk to the coolest girl in school, Jenny, and begins to – kind of – Forget about her best friend, Beanie. Caitlin realizes this what has happened and finds another person in her life: God.
    After realizing all the wrong she has caused, Caitlin tries to make things right. Has she done things beyond repair? Find out in Dairy of a Teenage Girl! Be sure to recomend it to others too, because this book has five stars from me! This novel also has problems teens may face in real life.

  13. Lacey

    This book has many main characters.The main characters in this book are Ponyboy,Johnny,Dally,Darry and Soda.Ponyboy is a young boy who enjoys hanging out with freinds.Johnny is jumpy because when he was younger he got jumped by socs.Daryy is the dad of the family and he takes care of all the boys.Soda is very laid back and he takes up for Ponyboy whenever he needs the help.Dally does not like his life at all. In this book these characters live a harsh life and deal with everyday challenges.When Johnny and Ponyboy kill a soc they find themselves running from punishment.As they move along they find more bumps in the road.To find out these bumps you will have to read this book for yourself.I would recommend this book to everyone who likes to read because this book has so much suspense.This book will leave you crawling for more!!!!

  14. Brhett

    Author:Dhan Gopal Mukerji
    I recommend this book to highly skilled readers.This is a story about a brave pigeon who travels around the world.He travels to places such as the himalayas and a rain froest is also a spenceful book. One time Gay-Neck runs into a falcon.This book was published in 1927 so it might be a little hard to understand.Gay neck gets his name from the bright colors on his upper and lower neck. The story begins in India where gay neck was born and falls out of a nest.When he starts to fly, he starts heading for a nearby city. On his way there,he meets an elephant friend named Ghand. They travel over the himalayas to meet the swifts,a family of other pigeon like birds.They gather in Russia.later, they hear rumors coming from Eroupe about a war breaking out.Gay neck thought he would want to help. the war was centered in britian and gay neck wanted to be a messanger bird. But he diddnt get the job. But he wants to prove them wrong.Itll keep you into it until you want more

  15. stephanie

    This book has alot of characters and there names are carolin, paul and manley but the real main charecter is laura Ingalls wilder. they live back in the 1894′s. well this family really had a hard time. well where they lived in DE SMET SOUTH DAKOTA they did not get much rain at all so they’re crops failed and now they are traveling to go to Mansfeild, Missouri. well on they’re way there they run into some big problems and not the type we have today. I highly recomend this book to any kid or adult if you like family books. IF your like me you wont be able to put it down!!!!

  16. Isaac

    Dr.Tom Dooley, My story
    There are many less fortunate people in the world that need a helping hand.Dr.Tom Dooley is on a mission to find these less fortunate people and change their lives forever. as he travels to many different places with his outsanding team to help ill refugees that escape communism in north vietnam.He also educates the locals on how to treat many of the common diseases and other illneses that dominate in their area.Communist try to stop his mission by propaganda, but Dr.Dooley doesn’t give up.As he continues his mission communists are not the only enemy he has to battle- Dr.Dooley himself suffers from cancer.This is an inspiring true story that I would recommend to anybody.

  17. McK

    The Outsiders
    By:S.E Hinton
    Do you believe gangs are like family? Do they help you through every hardship through you life? Well in The Outsiders this book will help you to understand what gangs are really like underneath all of the toughness. It is a heartwarming, emotional, and nerveracking best seller. I believe that it paints a picture in you ind of what is exactly going on. Here is a summary of a little how the story goes…
    Ponyboy and johnny are a part of a gang called the Greasers (whom which live on the east side of town). Well one day Ponyboy got upset and ran away because his older brother Darry slapped him. So Johnny went with him and as they where at their fountain in the park the Socs (the rich gang on the west side of town) showed up and started to jump them. So as Johnny was trying to defend Ponyboy from the soc Bob BAM! Just like that inesent little Johnny killed a soc. So they ended up running away to an abanded church in the middle of no where. So one day they where walking back up to the church and they saw it on fire while little kids were in it! So they ran up there and saved all the children but Johnny was in pretty bad shape. So while in the hospital Johnny ended up dying. Ponyboy was very sad but he ended up wanting to work hard in school and do good and for his project he wrote about a story called The Outsiders.
    I would recomend this emotional rollercoaster book. I would because it is one of the best books I have ever read. I love this book and im sure you would too!

  18. Paige

    The Secret Garden
    Have you ever had a secret? Marry did. Marry Lennox, when staying with her uncle, found a garden. A secret garden. It had been locked up for years. When Marry found the key she asked Dickin, the maid, Martha’s brother, what it was to. But Dickin never told her because he was told not to. She was walking through the mase walls and spotted a bird. She had always heard stories of people finding secrets by asking a bird. She let her curiosity overcome her. The bird led her to a door covered in vines. She turned the key and…
    This is what happens in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book, The Secret Garden. The story take place in an aged mansion in old English Moores. Marry goes to her uncle after her parents died in a house fire. Her attitude is quite rude and sulken. She had no friends in her old home in India. Her stuborness encounters a place where it will not be toloraded.
    Will Marry make friends? What becomes of the garden? And will Marry change? To find out read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

  19. Ally

    Author:Stephanie Meyer
    This book is about a boy named Edward,and a girl named Bella.Bella notices there is something strange about Edward Cullen and his family soon after she moves in with her dad Charlie and begins going to Forks High School,
    located in Forks,Washington the wettest place in the continental U.S.Her new home in Forks is much different than her previous home in Phoenix , Arizona.
    Bella is determined to find out why the inhumnaly beautiful Edward is so mysterious,especially after he misses school for a few days.When she finally knows his secret she is pushed into the world of vampires.Good and bad ones.Unfortunately, her blood makes an inhumane vampire’s mouth water.Bella and the Cullens are thrown into a chase that could cost them their lives.The only way to stop the chase is to kill the vampire,James brfore he reaches Bella. The Cullens must come together to save this new addition to their family, and Edward to save the love of his ever-lasting life.
    I would recommend this book and the rest of the saga to anyone,young or old. This tension filled story will take you through many adventures in the world of vampires,but you never have to leave the house.You take the journey through true love,and what it could cost you if that love was a vampire.This book is filled with life or death decision that will captivate your attention until you read the very last page.

  20. brandon

    WARRIORS:THE NEW PROPHECY:MOONRISE is the second book in the NEW PROPHECY series.You have to read the first book in the series:MIDNIGHT. But MOONRISE is a book about six cats who search to fulfil the prophecy by going on a journey past the forest in which they live.On their journey they meet Purdy an elderly tabby that takes the six journeying cats through twolegplace where the humans live.At the end of twolegplace they meet a badger named Midnight who is sent by starclan to tell them the fate of the foreest.On there way home they meet a clan of cats whom are prey to a tiger and one of the cats has to kill it but ends up getting killed herself but they eventually kill it and return home. Characters include Brambleclaw,Tawnypelt,Stormfur,Feathertail,Crowpaw,and Squirrelpaw. I would reccomend this to a friend because it is filled with action and excitement.

  21. Ethan

    SIDNEY POITIER Have you ever read a good book? Well the book Sidney Poitier is about. the first black man to ever win. A emmy award.he first starts off living in the bahamas.i’ll start talking about when he arrived in miami he was only 10 16 yesrs old.and he had no money or a home. then he takes a job as a dishwasher and then he moved to mewyork .And got ajob as a dish washer but then he had lost his job and had no home and decided.To lie about his age to get in the army.and after he got out of the army he had more money than he had ever had.And he went to the american negro theater to adution to become an actor.To find out more.About this book you should.Go to your school libray and check it out.

  22. robert

    book:Glory Road
    This book is about Don Haskins. He was a great basketball player but turned out to be a great basketball coach.
    He started out tlking about how he played at oaklahoma a and m. And makes his way up to being a highschool coach for basketball and 6 man football and turns around a a little nobody colloge basketball team right around!!!
    My favorite part of the story is when he starts 5 black players and gets bad letters from other teams. Alao people that say their going to sew him and other things but, he still started 5 black players.
    So as ypu can see this is a great book. You really should read it. it shows anyteam with a great coach can win.

  23. timothy

    book:The Vince Lombardi Story
    author:Dave Klein
    This book is about the famous Vince Lombardi and is carrer as a player and a coach of many toataly diffrent teams.
    Then book starts out as him being one of the seven blocks of granite for the well known Fordham univrsity.
    My favorite parts is when he coaches the Green Bay Packers or The Pack on to win two Super Bowls and mant more NFL championships.
    So i think this is a great book and anyone who likes football and likes to read, definetly should check this book out

  24. Jimmy

    I’m going to talk about The Fire Within. The main characters are David Rain, Lucy Pennykyttle, Liz Pennykyttle, Sophia, and Henry Bacon. The secondary characters are the squirrels.
    David is smart and sometimes funny. Lucy is imaginative and a little wierd. Liz is declaring and bossy. Sophia is nice and polite. Henry is a little out there and smart.
    David moves out and lives with Liz and lucy as a tenanat. While there David gets tricked into helping Lucy find Conker the squirrel. David gets suspisous about the clay sculptures beig alive! Later Sophia comes in and helps Conker out. In the meantime Sophia and David start a relationship together. Henry is Liz’s neighbor and also tries to catch Conker but not in the way you think. The best part in the story in my oppinion is when David tries to save Gadzooks from something.
    If you like fantasy and adventure this book is right for you. If you liked it then read the next books in the series. Icefire, Fire Star, and the last but not least The Fire Eternal.

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