September 4, 2009

Get ready, get set and RECOMMEND!

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Recommend_130 Now that the summer is coming to an end (darn!), I want to know what our Stacks' users (I mean YOU!) read this summer. Don't worry, this isn't an assignment. I just want to know which books you enjoyed so that I can build my own arsenal of books to read this fall.

So here's what I want you to do:

1) Name the book or books (because I'm sure you read tons) that you read this summer and just LOVED.
2) Provide the author's name of each book you can't get enough of.
3) Jot down a couple reasons why I should choose your book/books to read.
4) Give each book that you’re recommending a star rating between 1-5.

In a couple weeks I'll tell you which of the top three books I'm choosing to read. If your book makes the top three then you'll want to watch for the book's review right here on Ink Splot 26 because I'll be sending a special shout out to the Stacks user/users who recommended the book.

Get ready, get set and RECOMMEND!

—Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. Patrick

    If you’re caught in a storm and you find an abandoned house, would you go in? I would. I’m as sure of that as i am sure rain is water. Well, this is a story of a man who does.
    This story is about a man who is caught in a storm on his bike. He finds an abandoned house, but it’s the house of an old man. He seems like a nice man, but like everyone else he has secrets. Some darker than others.
    Well, this young man happens to find out the old man’s secret, with the help of the house. That cuases some problems, deadly problems. It’s just that at that moment a solution is made. The way it’s made may be a divine cuase, or dumb luck.
    I wouldn’t recommend this story to people how don’t understand the meaning of books easily. You can find this story in H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call Of Cthulhu and other weird stories. Now you have to know that these stories are realy weird.

  2. William

    LITTLE WOMEN is a wonderful tale about four sisters named Amy, Beth, Jo, and Meg. These sisters live with their mother and maid. Meanwhile, their dad is in the army. They have wonderful neighbors, mischievous Laurie and kind old Mr.Lawrence. These girls are poor but find enjoyment in reading and making plays. Why I would suggest this book is because it is funny and adventurous. Any avid reader would enjoy this book.

  3. Kadie

    If your sister had cancer you would probably do any thing to help her.I love my sister so I know I would.Well Anna has a diffrent opinnion.
    Anna is just your typical teenager.Except for one thing.Her sister Kate has cancer.Anna parents try to help Kate by using Anna’s body parts to help her.Anna loves her sister but she doesnt like having so much surgerey.When Anna has finally had enough she sues her parents for the rights to her own body.Anna even hires an attorney to help her with the case.
    Will Anna win her trial and stop going through so many surguries for her sister Kate?Or will she keep helping her sister fight the cancer?My Siters Keeper is a story about family and love.Anna and Kate are not just sisters.They are also each others best friend.I would recomend that anybody who wants to read it should.This is one of my very favorite books.

  4. Brook

    Have you ever been picked on, made fun of, or bullied? If so, then you might want to check out the Outsiders, by: S.E. Hinton. The rich kids, with all the nice madras shirts, fancy cars, and breaks, also known as the Socs, always bully and beat up on the poor kids, the ones with old, not -so – nice clothes, old, beat down cars, and all the harsh treatment, also known as the Greasers. This book is fulled with a lot of action, adventure, and emotion, especially after Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade are forced to run away to a small town called Windrixville. They were hiding out in an old abandoned church on top of a high hill after getting into some BIG trouble with the Socs. I would definately recommend this book to any person who’s interested!

  5. Lucas

    Belgarath The Sorcerer
    Belgarath a headstrong old man who always finds a way to get out of a tight spot,along with his Foul-Mouthedbrother Beldin and his smart alec daughter Polgara he crosses unimaginable distances and meets “curious” people.
    The whole time an evil god Torak and his evil magicians the Grolims try to stop him, and reach their goal of taking over Belgarath`s home country.

  6. Adam

    Now in this book Bucking the Sarge there are two boys. Sparky and Luther all they want is to get out of the town of Flint. Luther and his mom “The Sarge” own a home renting company, but now Sparky has gotten a idea on how to get out of that dump and into clear skies with lawyer Dontay Gaddy at 1-800-SUE-EM-ALL. With all this comes a mysterious Mr. X comes into the story with a twist that makes everything in Luthers world go crazy. So will Luther and Sparky get out of that town? What is Mr. X up to? There are all these questions and more in Bucking the Sarge by Christopher Paul Curtis

  7. Hannah

    Do you like mystery books? If you do, then I highly recomend the book “Found” by author Margret Peterson Haddix.
    The story begins 13 years ago when Angela Dupree starts her first day of work at an airport when she suddenly see’s an airplane appear in thin air. She went to check on the plane and found 36 babies all by themselves, no adults and no flight attendents. The flight was not meant to land there and did not show up in the radar.
    13 years later Jonah, who was adopted began recieving mysterios letters in the mail. His friend Chip who has just recently found out he was adopted also began recieving the mysterious letters. The letters said “They are coming for you”, “You are one of the missing”.
    Come along and read as Jonah and Chip try to figure out why and where the letters were coming from, and find out many more suprising things along the way.

  8. Serena

    I’ve read too many good books to name them all but here are a few.
    The Gallaher Girl books by Aly Carter: I know they’ve already been named but they seriously are the BEST! Who wouldn’t love a bok about a teenage spy? *5/5*
    Secret Santa and Be Mine by Sabrina James: These books are so swwet and romantic and the author put so much detail into the books. *5/5*
    The How I Survived Middle School series by Nancy Krulik: They are awesome and filled with cool quizzes! *5/5*
    The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison: I love reading how glamourous life is in NY and I love seeing how Claire gains rank and still stay nice. *5/5*

  9. strawberryicecream13

    I read uglies and the wednesday wars and i really liked them but my favorite(so far)is “distant waves”by suzanne weyn.

  10. Dollar

    You should so review the Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne! It is so sad, but it is so good! It is about the Holocaust, so it might be a little too much for younger readers (say anything younger than 10 is too young,). You have GOT to read this!

  11. MaRa*

    *tHE clique* (young adult)
    this book is pretty interesting actually
    and you see how the alpha acts.
    *Maximum Ride* (young adult)
    yayayayayyyy!!!!its sooo good!!!Iggy is my favorite character!!

  12. dewiedopper

    OMG NO ONE EVUN MENTIONED TWILIGHT SERIES (young adult)!! I READ ALL OF HER BOOKS N 9 DAYS AND THEY WERE ALL AWESOME! (if i type n caps anylonger it wil look like im screamin so i wil stop) anyways if u like vampires r or just intrested n stephanie myeres books, check out dis 1 (rating-10 out of 5)

  13. michaela

    1. the inkheart trillogy
    2. the chronicles of vladimir todd (young adult)
    3. the ranger’s apprentice series
    4. mrs frisby and the rats of nihm
    5. the looking glass wars, seeing redd (young adult)
    6. the last apprentice series
    7. eragon, eldest, brisingr (young adult)
    8. go big or go home (young adult)
    9. the amulet of samarkand (the bartimius triliogy)
    (and finally =)
    10. (can’t remember name of series look up garth nix)

  14. katelin


  15. warriorgurl

    Here’s by far the best book I read this summer:
    Fire Bringer, by David Clement-Davies.
    You should read this book because it has everything: action, adventure, mystery, and romance. You will not be able to stop reading it! It’s a real “page-turner”.
    I will give this book FIVE out of FIVE stars.
    Read it!!!!

  16. Snaw

    I also REALLY enjoyed Kathleen: the Celtic knot, by Siobhan Parkinson
    The story takes place in Dublin, Ireland in 1937 (During the Great Depression) Kathleen’s family is poor, like so many others. After being late for her Catholic School, she is forced to take Irish dancing lessons. She then finds out she has a real talent for it, but gets worried when her parents can’t afford the classes. Fortunately her dancing teacher takes pity on her, and decides to give her the lessons for free since Kathleen has a talent and can win in a dancing competition. But soon Kathleen learns that her family can’t afford the proper outfit for her in order to compete. And without one, she can’t enter. Can a miracle help Kathleen in time?
    I give it a 5/5

  17. Phoenix (Kandyz)

    I don’t there’s enough space for all the books I read this summer, so I’ll just put my faves. =)
    1. The Last Apprentice Series- Joseph Delaney– It’s just adventurous, unique, and really good!
    2. The Clique Books- Lisi Harrison (young adult)– It’s for girls(seriously), confident, and fun in a way.
    3. Maximum Ride- James Patterson (young adult)– Unique, fun, mind-absorbing.
    4.The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins (young adult)grade…:(

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