September 30, 2009

Face-Off: Candy Apple and How I Survived Middle School


This morning I tied a bright pink scarf around my neck to brace against the autumn weather that's (sort of) descended upon New York City. When I got to work and glanced at the towering stacks of books that are slowly taking over my office, I realized something: my scarf is the same exact shade of pink as the Candy Apple logo.

Fate? Maybe. I was, after all, about to write this very blog post about how much I love tween books like Life, Starring Me! and Accidentally Famous and, of course, the entire How I Survived Middle School (HISMS) series. And then as I took off my scarf (it's kind of warm in here in the mornings) I got to thinking, wow, the Candy Apple and HISMS books are similar in a lot of ways, with characters I can relate to, school problems I totally remember, and plot lines that make me stay up late reading. And THEN, readers, I decided to compare the two series in a one-on-one competition.

I've narrowed down the choices in this first ever face-off between these two favorite series. Take a look, and let me know in the comments which ones get your vote!

Funniest Title:


Candy Apple's Confessions of a Bitter Secret Santa

 HISMS #1: Can You Get an F in Lunch?

Most Eye-Catching Cover Art:


Candy Apple's Miss Popularity Goes Camping

 HISMS #9: Caught in the Web

Coolest Character:


Aubrey from Candy Apple's Making Waves

 Jenny McAfee from HISMS

Juiciest Plot Line:


Candy Apple's Callie for President

 HISMS #10: Into the Woods

Best Secret Identity:


Andie and Caitlin in Candy Apple's The Sister Switch Madame X in HISMS #3: I Heard a Rumor

As for me, it's a toss-up. I can't decide! Luckily, there's enough intrigue, drama, hilarity and homework in all of them!

— Morgan, Scholastic staffer

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  1. Pocahontas4ever

    Gee both of them rock. I can relate to both of them in so many ways. I have almost all Candy Apple books but I’m still aiming to get all of the hisms. It’s like every time i go to Barnes and noble they’re out!

  2. Breanna:)

    wow really tough decision i myself have read 1 how i survived middle school book and loved it so much!!!!i have also read a few of the candy apple books and liked it. so, i’ll have to go with HISMS because it tells me how to get through life and that people have the same problems as i do well hope i could help.

  3. cup cake 24

    i love both cause its all about drama in high school by the way come check out my page on the stacks

  4. shara

    i love this hisms books but i also kinda like the ca books.did u know theres these books called posion candy appel books.

  5. shara

    i love these books they are so awsome.i have all of them exepet the 7,8,9,10,12 books.these are perfect books for girls in middel school.they are so cool.

  6. misstiara08

    I have 5 reasons for liking HISMS better:
    1. It sounds cool.I might get it the next time I go book-shopping.
    2.The main character is TOTALLY like me.
    3.Middle School IS hard.(When the 5th grade teachers say , “This will be the best years of your life!” it’s kinda not true)
    4. Number 1,2,and3.
    5.How do i know these things?I AM IN 5TH GRADE. Trust me, i know.

  7. PinkGirly97

    I have to say that they are very much alike and it’s almost as if their all one series. But How I survived Middle School is my favorite because there’s much more drama and action and I can relate to these things because I’m Jenny’s age and so it’s cool to see like another side of me in a book. But sometimes I’m happy these things don’t happen to me. I just like to read about it happening to other people, lol. Not in the rude way just like to figure out what might happen. I like to guess, so basically all books are mysteries to me. :D

  8. peachtree1

    i dont care what kinda blog i write on as long as i can let my thoughts out. right now i am suppose to be in school. middle school. well i cant because i have the swine flu…. it is horrible.please help me….

  9. Britney

    Funniest Title:Can You Get an F in Lunch?
    Most Eye-Catching Cover Art:Caught in the Web
    Coolest Character:Jenny McAfee from HISMS
    Juiciest Plot Line:Into the Woods
    Best Secret Identity: Madame X in HISMS #3: I Heard a Rumor

  10. Sugarmagi

    I think How I Survived Middle School is awesome.Cuz i have almost ALL THE BOOKS IN THE SERIES!!!And also cuz it’s cooler than candy apple cuz HISMS is all about frindship and school life.

  11. soccer4life

    well to tell you the truth i think that the hism are better than the candy apple books. i mean whenever i start reading a candy apple book it gets so boring and i just stop reading it but some of the books are interesting!! the hism books are awesome i finish them in one day they should make new ones

  12. brooke

    o.m.g. i love h.i.s.m. because i relate to most of the books and because it is so good. The reason why i am not going for candy apple is because i have never read it.

  13. Sydny

    That is so cool. I LOVE The Candy Apple series. I have every book. Thats freaky how your scarf color matched the logo. Post more stuff.

  14. stacksrlesfrevr

    Im voting “how I survived middle school”. I started reading them when i got in 6th grade wich was this year! they actually helped a little!

  15. Julieta

    Isa says is a very horrible book
    rebe says I love this book
    Julieta says is very nice !!!
    jejejej see youu !!!!