September 30, 2009

Face-Off: Candy Apple and How I Survived Middle School


This morning I tied a bright pink scarf around my neck to brace against the autumn weather that's (sort of) descended upon New York City. When I got to work and glanced at the towering stacks of books that are slowly taking over my office, I realized something: my scarf is the same exact shade of pink as the Candy Apple logo.

Fate? Maybe. I was, after all, about to write this very blog post about how much I love tween books like Life, Starring Me! and Accidentally Famous and, of course, the entire How I Survived Middle School (HISMS) series. And then as I took off my scarf (it's kind of warm in here in the mornings) I got to thinking, wow, the Candy Apple and HISMS books are similar in a lot of ways, with characters I can relate to, school problems I totally remember, and plot lines that make me stay up late reading. And THEN, readers, I decided to compare the two series in a one-on-one competition.

I've narrowed down the choices in this first ever face-off between these two favorite series. Take a look, and let me know in the comments which ones get your vote!

Funniest Title:


Candy Apple's Confessions of a Bitter Secret Santa

 HISMS #1: Can You Get an F in Lunch?

Most Eye-Catching Cover Art:


Candy Apple's Miss Popularity Goes Camping

 HISMS #9: Caught in the Web

Coolest Character:


Aubrey from Candy Apple's Making Waves

 Jenny McAfee from HISMS

Juiciest Plot Line:


Candy Apple's Callie for President

 HISMS #10: Into the Woods

Best Secret Identity:


Andie and Caitlin in Candy Apple's The Sister Switch Madame X in HISMS #3: I Heard a Rumor

As for me, it's a toss-up. I can't decide! Luckily, there's enough intrigue, drama, hilarity and homework in all of them!

— Morgan, Scholastic staffer

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  1. celi

    OMG!!!! I luv candyapple BOOK’S each and every single one is a good book im trying to READ all of them!!! CAUSE THERE SO…..GREAT but the first book i read was THE (ACCIDENT CHEERLEADER)I cant get over it!! I c theses books called (HOW I SERVIED MIDDLE SCHOOL) NOW!!!!! they look very iNtEsTiNg!!!!!!:p

  2. kjus98

    I have not read “How I survived middle school” bcuz I am level “V” so that is techanically not my level, its way below it, but I read The Candy Shop War, & it wuz just great, but the chapters are too long.

  3. miley

    if i have to vote i will chose candy apple it is like pulling me in to the book i make feel that i am in the book the fave book of candy apple is cheerleader that remine me of a cheerleader iam going to be so this helpes me to know how it feel to be a cheerleader .so if u vote please vote for candy apple

  4. sasirocker

    i voted on all of them i got 2 votes for candy apple and 3 votes for my favorite series of books HOW I SURVIVED MIDDLE SCHOOL!

  5. 101friends

    I have read some of the candy apple books but my friend let me borrow one of her HISMS books and I love those books. How do you come up with such great ideas? please tell me ,actully write me but you get what I mean Ha! Ha! Ha!

  6. rebekah22

    i love this books they are my #1 book that i love keep on wrighting books please send them to school for kids to read them
    thank you

  7. Tiana

    I have to go with candy apple because all of them won with my vote i mean really i love middle school and all but candy apples taste better than school lunch. Mystery meat and every thing. HISMS just looks boring.

  8. devin

    I kind of liked the story candy apple even when ididnt read the whole story. It showed about a normal girl that can relate to candy apple, and how she made it throw the whole school year. she even said that her scarf was the same color and shape like the candy apple so i would like to read more about it.

  9. leah

    what i really want to read is the sister sounds like it will be a great story.iwould also like to read some storys from the hisms series.

  10. Nafeesa

    I think this books are just like school and they can help you in your real life so all of this book are GOOD.

  11. Doowa

    *I Like all of the books.* *All Of the books is good ever one of them and I had about a lot of them and. I have read a lot of bookd and. I like the books and excatly. How I Survived Middle School. And the THE SISTER SWITCHED. THEN I LIKE TO READ CALLIE FOR PRESIDENT. AND I LIKE MAKING WAVES.AND I LIKE THE BOOK GOES CAMPING. I LIKE THE BOOK CALL CAUGHT IN THE WEB* *DOOWA*

  12. Victoria

    HISMS is WAY better! I like some Candy Apple books, but I have to admit, some are a little boring! GO NANCY KRULIK! KEEP ON WRITING!

  13. Stuffed_Noodle

    Funniest Title:Candy Apple’s Confessions of a Bitter Secret Santa
    Most Eye-Catching Cover Art: Candy Apple’s Miss Popularity Goes Camping
    Coolest Character: Jenny McAfee from HISMS
    Juiciest Plot Line: HISMS #10: Into the Woods
    Best Secret Identity:
    Madame X in HISMS #3: I Heard a Rumor
    They are both super awesome but I think HISMS is more creative with ideas for books.

  14. sahira

    I have read hisms books 1-6 i LOVED them i have also read my fair amount of ca but i love them both i guess it’s a tie

  15. ariyanlol

    I like them Too Because I am In Middle School and She
    Is Giving me Some Good info
    about Surviving middle School.

  16. chances

    I think the books that are above just makes you want to start reading them right from the back. these books make you want to read them over and over again. also keep reading and never stop till you fall asleep or something like that. i have never read candy apple books ever before.and i will be looking forward to be doing that.