September 11, 2009

Create a Zimmer Twins QuboPic and Be on TV!

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Some of you who saw last month's quboPics winners asked us, "What is The Zimmer Twins about?" Well, it's about psychic twins, Edgar and Eva Zimmer who, along with their pet cat named 13, search the jungle for hidden treasure, battle for Rock n' Roll supremacy, and discover the powers of mind-reading, levitation and teleporting.

And now YOU can decide what they will do next! Go to and create your own animated video. quboPics judges are selecting their favorites to broadcast on TV! Here are some of the most recently featured videos created by kids:

The Zimmer Channel by diana4mi

And make sure to check out:

Want your video to be on TV? Go to and let your imagination run wild.
For more info about Zimmer Twins, visit their site on

UPDATE: The next round of QuboPics will be live on October 15. Check them out in the Video Hub.

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