September 15, 2009

Goosebumps PhotoShock App

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Goosebumps_130 I’m Sam, a producer with Scholastic Interactive. It’s a really exciting time of year for us because we’re launching our first ever apps for the iPhoneTM and iPod touch®! I got the coveted assignment of producing the app for GoosebumpsTM. I’ll be giving you an inside look at what it takes to make an app.

Goosebumps is funny and frightening all wrapped into one. So what would be funny and scary on the iPhone? We had a bunch of early ideas for apps:

  • A “Scream Machine” that gives you a sound bank of Goosebumps noises.
  • A “Haunted iPhone” that looks like the standard iPhone desktop but replaces all of your functions with twisted versions of themselves.
  • “My Pet Goo,” like a virtual pet game except that you’re raising a disgusting glob of goo. Take good care of it and it might grow teeth, change colors, or even split into two globs of goo.

Maybe we’ll make one of those next, but our favorite idea was PhotoShock, which lets you take any picture from your iPhone or iPod touch and give it the full Goosebumps treatment. So you can turn your friends into ghastly ghouls or even give your dog The Haunted Mask!


The app gives you a collection of stickers that you can put on your photograph and then move, resize or rotate to create some truly horrifying compositions. We brainstormed every scary thing you might want to add to a picture: Googly eyes, splatters of slime, hanging spiders, crawling bats, a full moon, a tombstone… well, you get the idea.


We then had to draw and create the stickers in the Goosebumps style. We worked closely with the Goosebumps gurus (aka brand managers – what a cool job!) to ensure that the stickers had the right balance of scares and humor. We also were able to include Goosebumps monster masks so you can make yourself into Slappy or change a photo of a group of friends into the ultimate Goosebumps monster crew around!


With over 95 stickers and icons, the possibilities are endless. And what good are photos if you can’t share them and show them off? Once you’re done, you can email your photos to friends to show off your masterpiece!

— Sam, Scholastic Interactive Staffer

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  1. JoshyXD

    rofl!!!!! love it sam. man i love all ur ideas very epic :D . i love goosebumps favorite is monster blood tbh and the camp ones. just finished reading werewolfatfeva swamp. reading 5 more this week haha