August 23, 2009

Trivia: Guess the Book!

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Qmark_130 I would argue that the opening line of any book is the most important one. From it, you can usually tell what kind of story it’s going to be (outlandish? hilarious? weird? somber?), and there are several books whose opening lines stand out as being perfectly exact in foreshadowing the adventure that lies ahead.

So, readers, I issue you a challenge: I’ve pulled some of my all-time favorite opening lines. Can you name the books?

1. “The sun sets in the west (just about everyone knows that) but Sunset Towers faced East. Strange!”

2. “Mrs. Gorf had a long tongue and pointed ears.”

3. “I have been accused of being anal retentive, an overachiever and a compulsive perfectionist, like those are bad things.”

4. “There is no lake at Camp Green Lake.”

5. “Five minutes before she died, Grace Cahill changed her will.” 

Leave your guesses in the comments. Good luck!

— Morgan, Scholastic staffer

  1. Mistwolf13

    1. The Westing Game
    2. Sideways Stories from Wayside School
    3. Millecent Min Girl Genius (something like that)
    4. Holes
    5. 39 Clues: Maze of Bones
    wow i read those books!!

  2. missactress

    number 4 is holes that is the only you i like but number5 seems so cool i want to read it if you know what it is send me a shout out and tell me

  3. Kelsey

    1. The Westing Game
    2. Sideways stories from Wayside School
    3. ?
    4. Holes
    5. The Maze of Bones, 39 Clues #1

  4. bluecookiedough

    1. The Westing game
    2. Sideways stories from wayside school
    3. Milicent Min, Girl Genius
    4. Holes
    5. 39 clues: the maze of bones

  5. Bailey

    1. the westing game
    2. don’t know
    3. don’t know
    4. Holes
    5. 39 clues book 1 the maze of bones

  6. Mikayla

    The 4th one is Holes and the 5th one is The 39 Clues Book one : The Maze of Bones but the others I am not so sure about

  7. Victoria

    3. Millicent Min Girl Genius by Lisa Yee
    4. Holes by Louise Sachar
    5. 39 Clues the Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan

  8. Hermonie

    I guess
    1. (idk)
    2. sideways school is falling down.
    3. (idk)
    4. (idk)
    5. 31 clues book 1 maze of bones.
    those are my guessed and (idk)= i dont know

  9. tweedlebug11

    I only know #4 “There’s no lake at Camp Green Lake.” It’s from Holes by Louis Sacher.

  10. LemonyBlueRowling

    oh i love these books
    1. the westing game
    2. sideways stories from wayside school
    3. i do not know
    4. holes
    5. the 39 clues maze of bones

  11. warriorgurl

    1. The Westing Game?
    2. Wayside School!
    3. I don’t know. . .
    4. HOLES!!!
    5. I don’t know. . .

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