August 24, 2009

The FIVE: Best Things about Summer in the City

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THE FIVEI'm convinced that I'm solar-powered. If it's cloudy out, I'm in a bad mood. If it's
sunny out, I feel like I could run a marathon, do a 4-hour stand-up comedy show
for a crowd of thousands, and write a novel. And wail at guitar. All at once.
So it's a good thing summer is here, because a few more weeks of bad weather
and I probably would have alienated my friends and family for good. But that's
just one of . . .


  1. The weather. ‘Nuff said I think.
  2. The sunsets. Alright, so it's a little mushy, maybe, but picture this:
    you're playing Frisbee in the park. Your parents are cooking up some food on the
    grill, and that mouth-watering smoky smell is kinda hanging in the air. The sun
    is going down, and just as it's getting too dark to play, your parents call you
    over for tasty chow. You sit back on the grass, fresh burger in hand, and watch
    the sky turn purple and orange. Isn't that the definition of summer bliss?
  3. The
    I don't know if you've seen the lineup of FREE summer concerts in
    New York, but it includes such favorites of yours and mine as Green Day, The
    Jonas Brothers, Kelly Clarkson, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Black Eyed Peas,
    All-American Rejects, Natasha Bedingfield, et al. What other city can boast
    that? I love my hometown of Chicago to death, but we never had anything like the
    free shows that Today and Good Morning America put on. Of course, you've gotta
    convince your parents to get up around 5 AM to see them . . . or you could always watch the concerts on TV if you can't make it to the live show in New York!
  4. The
    Now I gotta admit — I'm no fashion connoisseur. I wore nothing but
    sweatpants until I was 12, still own (and wear!) t-shirts I had when I was in
    8th grade, and wear white flip-flops, much to the dismay of pretty
    much everyone I know. (I think they look cool . . .) But living in New York has
    definitely made me step up my fashion game. Just by being around all these
    amazingly well-dressed people, their classiness and taste tends to rub off on you. If
    you feel stumped about wardrobe assembly, take a trip to NYC in the summer —
    when people dont have to hide their outfits in bulky overcoats — and take some
  5. The mood. Maybe I'm not the only one who's
    solar-powered, ’cause it seems like everyone is happier between May and September.
    New York is notoriously grumpy, but in the summer everyone walks around with . . . well, not a smile on their faces, but something close to that. There's just
    less stress, less worry. It's like everyone wakes up in the morning and thinks, "Relax,
    baby! It's the summer!" Chicago is definitely like that too, though, and so is
    D.C. Hmm . . .

OK, so maybe it's not the best things about summer in NYC
— maybe it's just the best things about summer, period! Whatever, who
cares. I'm gonna hit the park! Later, Splotters!

— Jack, STACKS Staffer

  1. manga eyes

    like i said b4 u rock jack!!i think im solar-powered too!!! i am also stoked about the upcoming book festival in DC!!!rick riordan’s gonna be there and tons of other great authors!!!!!!!

  2. Charmfairy

    I’m not a New Yorker. I’ve visited, though in the winter, and I love it. I also watch What Not To Wear, set in NYC, so I know it’s a fashion capitol. NYC is AWESOME!

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