August 1, 2009

Scholastic Summer Challenge Update

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SSCLogo Have you been competing in the Scholastic Summer Challenge?

Over 60,000 kids have joined the teams in the Summer Challenge. You've been reading for the honor of being the top reading team in the country, and a lot of you have also been competing in the World Record Challenge. 

There have been over 69 million minutes read so far this summer! That is almost 20 hours of reading for each of you not bad for three short months. For the almost 12,000 schools competing in the World Record Challenge, 27 million minutes of reading! That is dedication.

With only August left in the Summer Challenge, here is a quick update on how the teams are doing and a sneak peak at the Summer Challenge video page that is coming soon.

PurplePurple Sea Stars

Firmly in first place, the Sea Stars are doing amazingly well.  They have won all three of the monthly challenges (for the Early Childhood, Getting Active, and Literacy causes). They also have racked up two weekly participation awards.

GreenWord Warriors

The Word Warriors have great team spirit. While they aren't in first place, they have won the most weekly participation awards. A staggering total of 4 weeks, they had the most team members taking the polls and quizzes.

BlueBlue Dolphins

The Blue Dolphins are currently in second place, with a second place finish in every single monthly challenge so far. With three participation awards, they aren't doing so bad in the team spirit department either.

Yellow Wild Readers

The Wild Readers have the best team logo! They'll need to pick up their reading a bit and try to capture the final month's award, but they still have a strong team. They've collectively won three participation awards.

Good luck and remember, there is still time to enter the Summer Challenge! You can still log minutes all the way back to the start of the summer. See you there!

— Rob, STACKS Staffer

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