August 21, 2009

Teen Choice Awards, Austin Butler & More!

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Tasty tidbits on your celebrity faves!


Zac Efron Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers and Twilight were the big winners at the Teen Choice Awards, where stars walked the eco-friendly green carpet and nominees hoped to take home surfboard trophies.  Zac Efron snagged two of them for High School Musical 3 and 17 Again, adding to his collection. “I hang them in my garage above my car,” he said. Right now he’s working on The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.  It’s a mix of drama, romance, suspense and
the supernatural that’ll hit theaters next year.

On the green carpet, Wizards of Waverly Place‘s Jake T. Austin
was an excited nominee for Choice TV Sidekick, as was iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy. They lost to Emily Osment of Hannah Montana, but Jennette has other news to celebrate: she just signed a record deal with Nashville’s Capitol Records for her debut album, due next year. Emily, meanwhile, has her own album in the works for spring 2010 but you can hear the single “All the Way Up” on Radio Disney, see the video for it starting August 24th, and get her EP in October. Emily describes her sound as “a very wide spectrum of pop.”

Em’s castmate Jason Earles told us about the fun he had during his summer hiatus on trips to
Hawaii and to the Caribbean on a Disney Summer at Sea cruise, and Josh Hutcherson said he was about to begin filming a remake of the action movie Red Dawn. He’s been reading a lot of scripts, so he’s behind on the Twilight book series, “But all my friends have read it so I have to get up to speed,” he said. Nathan Kress of iCarly was looking forward to studying American literature this fall in school, and he told us why he loves to read here in this exclusive video.

Castmate Jennette McCurdy‘s favorite book list includes Cyrano De Bergerac, the Lord of the Rings series, and of course, Harry Potter. “Too bad the movies have already been made because I would have loved to play Luna Lovegood,” she confided. “I was her for Halloween one year.”

Here’s why Jennette loves to read.

Jake T. Austin and Lucas Cruikshank also told us why they love to read in exclusive messages to Stacks readers. Check them out here in our video hub!

While at Teen Choice, lots of celebs visited the Backstage Creations Bop It Celebrity Retreat, where they picked up gift bags, played games like the Band Hero video game and the hand-held Bop It. High scorer Shailene Woodley of Secret Life of the American Teenager won $10,000 for her favorite charity. They also designed and signed Office Depot backpacks to donate to sick kids at the City of Hope hospital. Abigail Breslin of My Sister’s Keeper and Jordin Sparks, whose friend Wendy battled cancer, were two stars that showed off their decorating skills.

Abigail Breslin COH2.jopg      Abigail Breslin COH      Jordin Sparks2

Jordin, Abigail, Brenda Song, Emily Osment and Jennette McCurdy loved the colorful neoprene bags by California Leash Co., and Debby Ryan and Jennifer Stone snapped up the clever Snap Caps necklaces and hair accessories made from bottle caps. First created by 13-year-old Maddie Bradshaw three years ago, the hand-painted caps are magnetic and interchangeable and include a special edition rainbow design she made to benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation.
Enterprising Maddie wants to go to Princeton, Harvard or Stanford when she graduates and she’ll probably have her pick!


Austin Butler “I’m having such a blast,” Austin Butler raves about playing Jordan on ABC Family’s Ruby and the Rockits, but he almost didn’t audition for the role. “I wasn’t going to go to the audition because I didn’t sing,” he reveals, but his manager insisted, “and somehow I got the role.” The singing is coming easier now, and the guitar and piano playing were no problem. “I’ve been playing guitar for about six years and piano for a long time too,” says Austin,
previously known as Zippy on Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, James Garrett on Zoey 101, and who can be seen in theaters as Jake in Aliens in the Attic. So, does the 18-year-old native Californian want to record an album now?  “I don’t know. I’m taking it one step at a time,” he says. “I am loving music though. And it’s a great stress reliever!”

— Gerri Miller, for the Ink Splot 26 Celeb Beat

Zac Efron photo © Ray Mickshaw/Fox, Austin Butler photo © ABC Family/Isabella Vosmikova

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  1. Magik22

    Forget the Teen Choice Awards Justin Bieber is Horrible id rather watch 24 straight hour of Barney.

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    well i for one don’t like either of them/her. but i respect that she one. i think twilight is awesome. but it is so not for kids but for preteens and up like i. no offence to miley/hannah but selena is better. some of miley/hannah’s music is good but i still don’t like her much.
    peace out world,

  3. aliciaurbestie

    1st of all no kidding kayla of corse u were here!! n also u guys do no that hannah montanna n miley cyrus r the same person right?????? i hope soo cause my 3 year old sister nos that!

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    I can’t wait to see the movie wizards of waverly place it will so awesome. GGGGOOOOO SSSSSSSSSlllleeeeeaaannnaaa!!!!!!!!! WE all loove you sleana gomez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hillcandy123

    i didn’t get to watch because i didn’t know what channel :(
    but anyway i didn’t like that twilight won. i mean they won thousands of other awards. GIVE somebody else a chance will ya. but either way I LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!! I have the dvd all 3!! love ya Twilight. Especially Rob ;)

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