August 8, 2009

Calling All Filmmakers!

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Create a QuboPic and Be on TV!

You may be wondering, what in the world is a quboPic? Well,
get ready for animated video coolness! A quboPic is a 1-minute animated episode
about the Zimmer Twins characters. You can create endings to short,
professionally-produced story-starters by choosing actions, characters, props
and settings. You can also add your own dialog and on-screen text.

But the coolest thing is that the head honchos at qubo have selected a bunch
of videos created by kids across the USA, and they are broadcasting them
in between regular Zimmer Twins TV shows! A new video will be aired each week all

We wanted to find out more about these talented kid filmmakers, so we asked
qubo for an exclusive look at the before and after videos. Take look at this
video submitted by Sammy:

The qubo pros worked their magic, added sound and voice-overs, and here is
the finished video that aired on TV:

Pretty cool, huh? Here are some of the other winning quboPics so far:

Want your video to be on TV? We
hear that qubo will be doing another round of quboPics in 2010 so get your
entries in now. Go to
and wow the judges with your filmmaking flair.

For more info about
Zimmer Twins, visit their Web site on

  1. i got cool

    i really dont get wut i just lerned,i mean like really, on the 1st. episode all i really lerned was dat the girl stops running and the the boy just copies her.

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