July 13, 2009

Trivia: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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Diaryofawimpykid_130You might have seen my review of Diary of a Wimpy Kid this week. I kept thinking about the book and laughing to myself at work/on the subway/with friends, and definitely got some weird looks. So, in an attempt to transfer my obsession with the book from my brain to yours, I’d like to throw some Diary of a Wimpy Kid trivia at you!

  1. What did Uncle Charlie get Greg for Christmas?
  2. What game do Greg and Rowley play with Greg’s Big Wheel?
  3. How does Greg improvise a weightlifting set?
  4. What does Fregley say when he needs to go to the bathroom?
  5. What does Barry Palmer owe Bryan Little?

Good luck! Props if you know these off the top of your head, and if you don’t, you can thank me later for making you go back to that hilarious book. Here are the answers.

—Jack, STACKS Staffer

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  1. Gina

    1.A Beach Fun Barbie doll.
    2.Where they each take turns to slide down the hill.
    3.He used a milk and water jug full of sand.

  2. Tim

    1.A Beach Fun Barbie and later an 8 by 10 picture of himself (Uncle Charlie)
    2.hit the kid off the bike
    3.He fills gallon jugs with sand.
    4.” JUICE!!”
    5. “you owe him 5 BUCKS!!!”

  3. C.J.


  4. Contart

    1.Beach Fun Barbie Doll
    2.Rowley rides and Greg tries to knock him off using a football
    3. 2 jugs of sand, broom, and an ironing board.
    5.5 BUCKS

  5. aziz

    hi writer of diary of a wimpy kid i love your books and has read all of them i only want to say to kepp making those books cause i wont stop reading them