July 4, 2009

Create a Caption: Here Fishy Fishy Fishy . . .

CreateacaptionSo my friend, Dema, just got a new fish. He’s a happy little beta fish with orangey-red tints. His interests include: swimming around his tank, eating his food pellets for breakfast, and watching TV (he seems to look towards the light when she watches TV, and she works in the television industry . . . so he must like TV!). He also enjoys occasional treats of dried bloodworms once a week. Yum.

She misses him when she goes to work, which got me wondering . . .what do you suppose he does when she’s not at home? Leave a comment with what YOU think goes in the thought bubble.


Also, Dema hasn’t decided on a name for him yet. For now, she calls him “Fishy.”

Think you can help? Let us know what you think his name should be! Leave your ideas in the comments, and I’ll let you know what she names him!

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

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  1. LynnT

    Caption: Just a little bit closer and that drink is MINE!
    Name: I think his name should be George because he looks like a George and I used to have a Beta Fish named George that looked like the fishy.:>)

  2. Me

    “Hello fellow alien. How do you do? Why aren’t you answering me?!?”
    I think his name should be Goldy

  3. FinkleRocksRules

    I think the bubble says I miss Dema. And I think the fish should be named Treasure. I had a beta fish named Treasure,it was blue. But it died a few days ago.

  4. manga eyes

    He’s thinking:”can’t reach………….stupid bowl’s too small ..”his name should be Mr.Famous(since his owner’s works in the t.v. industry she MUST know some one famous!!!!!!!!

  5. lucca4

    I’m not good at those caption-y things, but she could name her fish Ares, after the Greek god of war.

  6. 55mac.cheese

    What about Cutie? Since the fish is cute. Oh. Also. About what he thinks when Dema’s gone. He probably misses her a whole lot. He probably thinks something like… “When’s Dema coming home? I miss her a whole lot!”

  7. Emily

    I think he could be called Donut or Soda-pop,maby even flame, but I think some unusual names like Jarcan or Martien suit him better. I’m not really good at coming up with good names but I still have a large instinct and a precise opinion.

  8. Livia

    The humans are constantly trying to take over the domant race… the fish!!
    “I, Hector de Greatone, will show those humans once and for all!!! If only I could get a sip of that energy drink…”

  9. readingkangaroo

    Why do they call me “Fishy”??I can’t believe we live in a world where “Fishy” is the best name they can think of a poor little beta…..

  10. mr. fishie

    Wow, that is one awesome fish.
    I get the impression the fish has got a good bit of curiosity so I’d assume he’s wondering what a lot of things are, for example the straw to the cup ad the cup itself.
    Maybe she should name him Merit or Dilly. :)