July 11, 2009

Get a Sneak Peek at ROSE, the prequel to BONE

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Bone-logo If you thought BONE, the graphic novel series by Jeff Smith, was over when book 9, Crown of Horns, came out, well then you'd be . . . only sort of right. On August 1st, the prequel to BONE, ROSE, comes out. (That's the story that happened before the story.)

BONE is the story of the three little Bone dudes who get lost in the woods, and wind up battling the Lord of the Locusts to help Thorn reclaim her family's kingdom. Their story is over.

But how was the kingdom lost? When did the Lord of the Locusts assume power? And how did a princess named Rose become the Grandma Ben we know in BONE?

You can find out all that in ROSE. And you can get a head start on the book by checking out the sneak peek right here on Ink Splot 26!


—Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. Dylan

    I LOVE THIS BOOK it’s so AWESOME I’ve read it in 3rd now I forgot about this series and now I’m in 6th grade and s much better then the first time I read it

  2. JKR

    Does anyone know how many pages are in the Bones Series book #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 & book #9
    I keep wanting to check the library, but they are always checked out.
    Thank you for any help.

  3. r backwards

    I dont know if jeff smith would see this but im thinking of making my own graphic novel and sinse your a big insiration for me id love to hear from you :)

  4. dolphinfairy44

    this series is SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome,
    im reading the bone book called “Quest for the Spark”.
    It’s SO cool!
    I’ll tell you one thing about it:
    It’s about Tom Elm,
    Roderick the Raccoon,
    a Yeni Yan warrior (forget his name),the rat creatures,
    Percival F. Bone(Uncle Percy) and his neice and nephew:Abbey and Barclay.
    Its a really good.
    a MUST read!!!

  5. Lisa

    My daughter (age 6 1/2) just read all 9 this summer and loves them to peices – she’ll be so happy there are more.

  6. Zakk

    Man im way past ROSE ive read #s 1-9 and then tall tales and rose now im reading the #1 book to the new series!!!!!

  7. Amazing Ally

    i think the whole book of BONE should be a cartoon.oh and if it were on TV i would like to and a character the name of the character is Stacy and she would look like Fone Bone but she would have glasses and brown hair held in a pony tail and she wears a pink dress

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