July 26, 2009

Create a Caption: Oh Brother!

CreateacaptionFor those of you who have brothers or have friends with brothers, don't brothers act like they are invincible? I don't know about you, but ever since I was little, growing up with my older brother, he's always been the take-charge type. Forget about what I wanted to do because it was either his way or the highway.

Even to this day, twenty-some years later, he still thinks like he's some sort of almighty sibling, and I have the picture below to prove it!


Since my brother thinks he's so superior (HAHA) standing atop those rocks, fill in what you think he's saying.

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. Sox

    I TOLD you i could get up here! (If only i could get down…)
    >>OR< <
    HA! I got up here even WITH a bad knee! OWWW! >.< MY BACK!

  2. ddg


  3. horsedogwolf

    hahahaha! look at my puny little sister down on the ground!
    p.s. i have three brothers, two older, one younger. and this is the order of how annoying they are, from most to least:
    the second oldest, then the youngest in a close second, and then a loooong way behind, the oldest

  4. Number 14

    That is such is good picture! He even looks kinda cute(blush)! I think that he is saying,”Da-da-da! Superman!!!!”

  5. Jessica

    “I know you want to take a picture, Mom, but I don’t really care how I look in photos- AAAH! Did you get my good side? What about my expression? Was I smiling? Tell me!”