June 11, 2009

Stack in the City: The Scholastic Store

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Scholasticstore_130 Imagine a place where books flow like water, colors sprout up everywhere, activities are atop every shelf, your favorite authors come and go, and Harry Potter flies above your head. Wow! You must be thinking, "Does this place even exist? And is it called Heaven?" Well, you're close . . . it's actually the one and only Scholastic Bookstore located at the Scholastic Headquarters in New York City.

Amidst the designer clothing stores and trendy cafes in the heart of NY's SoHo neighborhood, the Scholastic Store stands out as a sanctuary for kids, parents, and everyone in between. The special kiosks dedicated to the company's most popular series (such as Harry Potter, The 39 Clues and Star Wars), are just among a few of the things you'll find in here.

The newly renovated store now offers more Young Adult and celebrity-focused books. They've also revamped the science section and reorganized the games and puzzles for easier access. And in addition to all these fabulous books, decorations, and activities, the Scholastic Store also has an activity loft for book-filled, fun birthday parties and crazy craft events.

PLUS, if you live in the area, you'll want to check out the Saturday Calendar for special events taking place at the store. But if you can't come to the store, I've put together this gallery of photos for a virtual visit:


— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. basketlion89

    That looks so cool!! I wish I could go there! I wonder if they could put one in Ohio!

  2. Candysplash

    Wow!I really want to go there!I hope I get the chance!But I guess there’s always Barnes & Noble,right?(Barnes and Noble is another bookstore).:]

  3. mermaid_writer

    oh man! I don’t live in NY! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Oh man! I really wanna go there! :(

  4. A Major Bibliophile

    That place sounds and looks like a paradise! I wish I could go there, but I live in Minnesota. Well, I can dream, right?

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