June 1, 2009

OMG! That was sooo embarrassing!

Middleschoolsurvival_130 OMG! That was so embarrassing! I totally just tripped in front of my crush . . . how will I ever face him again?

Does this scenario sound familiar? I know I have certainly done stupid and embarrassing things in front of my friends, family or crushes. However after reading the top 3 most embarrassing stories voted on by YOU over at Middle School Survival’s Hall of Shame, you won’t think twice of making a slight fool out of yourself compares to what these girls went through.

Here are the Top 3 Most Embarrassing Stories of the Year voted on by YOU!

3rd place
Taylor, 6th grade writes in . . .
I was in gym and we were stretching. I was right next to this guy named
Hanson who is really hot. I was wearing really tight pants and I bent
over. I heard a tear and everyone stated giggling. OMG my pants ripped!

2nd place
Courtney, 6th grade writes in . . .
One day after swimming practice I went into the locker room and began
changing. Once I got my swimming suit off, BOYS came in, including my
crush! Turns out, I’m in the wrong locker room!

1st place

Leah, 7th grade writes in . . .
One day I was at the pool and had on an over sized bikini. I thought nothing would happen so I jumped in and noticed my bikini top was missing! I tried to put it back under the water but the lifeguard thought I was drowning and he jumped in and held me in front of everyone!

Yikes! And you thought your awkward moment or event was bad . . . at least it wasn’t as bad as our winners (or losers, depending on how you look at it). Even Jenny’s adventures in the How I Survived Middle School series don’t seem so bad compared to these!

I’ve had my fair share of humiliating moments, but after reading these stories, my situations are as innocent as a new born kitten.

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. taylor

    me and my 2 bffs were hanging out @the amusement park wen we met up with 2 guys from our school who were in 7th and were in 6th the 1 guy liked my best friend we went on the log jammer which was wierd cuz the way we sat all squished 2gether i bought the pick and MY MOM PUT IT IN THE YEAR BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!! the guys freaked out but theyre still our friends

  2. best day

    hi one embarrsing moment I had was when I went to dance pratice and I had put on some tights and when I went there I felt some breeze pass my behind when I found out that the tights had a hole that was the size of a teddy bear so wat I did was I went and used my friends tight becuase she was now doing hip hop

  3. Leilani

    I didn`t read the article but I think it is so enberissing like the book making the grade. I love reading!

  4. Lola

    Once me and my friend were at the mall hanging out and stuff. We found out they were having a hula-hoop contest and we thought it’d be fun it was until i started hula-hooping it turns out my pants were falling down so i lost to save my pants from falling any more down and my friend ended up winning and i’m abetter hula-hooper than her.so i kept telling her that was a waste of two dollars.

  5. Traevon

    I was in gym and i was in front of a bunch of girls then i tried to show off and run all fast and then my pants fell down and i was wearing tighty whiteys

  6. Rachel

    OMG! Once I was really happy because I thought I got a cell phone for my birthday and I told all my friends but at my party unwrapped it and it looked like a cell phone but my parents’ told me that it was just the wrapping paper, and when I opened the last wrapping paper and I got a rash cream and ALL my friends laughed at me, and FINALLY when they stopped making fun of me, I used it at gym and this REALLY mean girl saw me and told EVERYONE and that was last year but their still teasing me!

  7. ILoveChrisW13

    one time in gym my crush (u can probably guess who it is) got hit in a bad place and he was laying on the ground + everyone was cracking up. ok, not embarrassing but hilarious and he’s so hot

  8. best secret99

    once I was at someones
    b-day party eating cake
    and my crush was standing
    right in front of me and
    someone had stuk their foot out and I triped and
    got cake all over my holister shirt and every one laughed like banchies
    including my crush.

  9. hannie567

    my crush saved me from drowning and after he got all the pool water out of me a boy I wasn’t into at all asks me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Readiac

    Ouch!! And I thought I had some bad ones. The 2nd place one is particularly embarassing! I would die!

  11. hotrod99

    Omg! I just heart middle school survival! listen to this… k one day i’m doing my daily jog in a sports braw and my hot crush came by. I felt wierd and nervous so walked behind a tree and when i thought he was gone i tried to walk bot my braw was stuck to the tree! then i heard a rip. my braw just ripped!! I guess my crush heard me panicking so he came back and gave me his sweatshirt then we took a walk and i felt so much better. i felt loved and embarassed. but at least i had boyfriend!

  12. stuffedstuffed

    omg that was funny! (not to be mean) but that would make me blush if the secong one happend! atleast you were in your swim suit!