June 7, 2009

Create Your Very Own Crush!

Createacrush_130 Isn't having a crush fun? Unfortunately, a good crush is not always available. I mean, what if you've known all the boys/girls in your class since you were in kindergarten? Then having one of them as your crush would be like having a crush on your brother or sister. Ew, gross!

Maybe this is the situation you are in — or perhaps you just don't have a crush at moment for some other reason. Want to make one up? Then you're in luck! How I Survived Middle School brings you the ultimate crush-making-machine! Now you can create your perfect crush by answering a few simple questions, get a picture and profile of him/her, and construct your ideal date.

Start Creating Your Crush!

Check out mine:

Let's see if Jenny McAfee can use this tool to ward off Addie and her fellow obnoxious friends. Now instead of Addie and her clan making fun of Jenny for having a silly little secret admirer, Jenny can come back at Addie and the other "pops" by showing off her oh-so-cute guy crush. Let's see Addie top that!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. Mz.Tinkerbell1997

    Yeah, your right he is a little cute.But don’t give up if you really like him. And I hope you aren’t always watching him cause then he’ll think you worried.

  2. pretty gurl swag

    he iz cute but nt all dat i wouldnt date hm at all kuz mines look better in real life. lolz

  3. mia

    mine to liz it is such a ripe of they sould atleast make then so they r cut
    p.s i love bacon

  4. mia

    hi liz don’t u think it is so unkool that we have to get uor blog aproved by the aouther? if u do blog back to me it is mia
    p.s i love bacon

  5. Breanna:)

    well ive played that game and really liked it only i do not understand y they pick the names for you.

  6. Maddie

    I think he’s adorable! My boyfriend looks just like him! (except he’s a dirty blond) And yes, the series is great!

  7. Allie

    Awwwww, how CUTE! :) I’d like a guy almost like yours, but I want mine to be the more fun and spontaneous type, like we could go go-carting or having a food fight! LOL

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