June 27, 2009

Create a Caption: Monkey

Create a Caption on Ink Splot 26 Sometimes I think I should work a little less and make a few more friends — because I find myself talking to my stuffed animal friend, Monkey, a lot.

I guess Monkey was thinking the same, because one day I came home and found him working on a webpage for THE STACKS! I can’t imagine what he was thinking — can you?

Monkey Thoughts
Photo Credit: Davin Cheng

Leave a comment telling me what you think Monkey was thinking — or what he said after I saw him!

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

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  1. misty

    oh, brother, the stacks, i think, will be better if it had banana wallpaper! i`ll just make it.
    bananas in pajamas

  2. boxer4356

    “Books, Books, AND MORE BOOKS! Were are all the bananas? Delete! Nope, don’t need that. Delete! Now that’s just silly! Delete!Oh come on…”

  3. harrypotter3330

    hmmmm…bebbe dis go here….an’ den dis go heeeeeerrrrree……..(then sees)”oh god whys you here????????????!!!!!!!!!!

  4. obiwancrazy

    Since monkey stuffed animals are random, I bet their thoughts are too. This is what he was thinking: Banana! Tow truck! Gnome! Monkey? What monkey?

  5. Tawni

    “Okay, let’s see here. 2+2=1000, and 1+2=74, and 15+1=10000000000000001!!!! I know I will get a A+ on this easy test!

  6. Brooke

    Today,buy the sites.
    Tomorrow,RULE THE WORLD!It’s great to be stuffed not a monster ina closet.Kids are scared of them and love us!

  7. horsedogwolf

    now, we could…but no, that wouldn’t work. Let’s…nah. Not a good idea. Oh, hi, Nancy! I was just trying to make a new website on scholastic. i’m writing a story about someone who talks to their stuffed monkey.

  8. Number 14

    That is such a good picture!
    Thinking:”This is soooo cool!”
    Said to you:”Did you ever try this out? I mean, this is totally awesome! Oh, and what’s for dinner?”