June 27, 2009

Create a Caption: Monkey

Create a Caption on Ink Splot 26 Sometimes I think I should work a little less and make a few more friends — because I find myself talking to my stuffed animal friend, Monkey, a lot.

I guess Monkey was thinking the same, because one day I came home and found him working on a webpage for THE STACKS! I can’t imagine what he was thinking — can you?

Monkey Thoughts
Photo Credit: Davin Cheng

Leave a comment telling me what you think Monkey was thinking — or what he said after I saw him!

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

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  1. 55mac.cheese

    He probably wanted to help you out. I mean. He probably felt bad for you. If i were him, i would. Try hugging him and thanking him. He might do it again!!!!!!!!!

  2. brandon

    this doesnt make any SENSE. one day I WoN 711111111112 MILLION dollars for eating cheese with ROTTON pickles!~!@#$%^&*()_+1234567890-=

  3. Toylollipop

    I think he’s saying, “I’m gonna make Nancy an account on scholastic and introduce her to every single person!!! Bwa-ha-ha!!!” Just a thought-:)

  4. GHRS_98

    Man, you caught me! I was just writing a collumn on how to make friends fast, you know, for you to see! *blushes*

  5. KayKays

    This should do both of us some good. I mean, I have a life to! I can’t be wasting all my time talking to her. I hope this works.

  6. ika_2452

    Maybe Monkey was thinking that there should be a stack that introduces you to new people. Like if you click there is another person who is part of the Stacks and then you can check out their stack

  7. readingkangaroo

    Heh heh heh……….. my plan for world domination is working well….. they still think I’m a monkey….

  8. Summerjuliet

    (What he’s thinking)
    “Maybe when I put on her webpage that she’s talking to her monkey someone’ll be her friend and she’ll leave me alone…”

  9. Livia

    I can’t believe that I can finsh this in 5 min, when it took the human 5 days!! And they say humans are smarter than stuffed animals…