June 24, 2009

My Sister the Vampire #1: Switched

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Mysisterthevampire_130 Vampire Series for Kids: My Sister the Vampire

If the Twilight series (for ages 12 and up) is too old or too dark for you, there are other options to get your vampire on!

I picked up Book 1 of the My Sister the Vampire series because the premise sounded funny and ripe with intrigue: identical twin sisters who were separated at birth end up at the same middle school and quickly realize they’re related. But there’s a BIG twist . . .

At first, Olivia, the new girl in town, thinks she and her newfound twin, Ivy, are only different on the outside. Olivia wears lots of pink and can’t wait to try out for the cheerleading team, Mysisterthevampire1while Ivy is one of the town Goths, always dressed in black and rarely breaking into a smile. Eventually we discover their real difference lies within – Ivy is a vampire!

But the twins are so busy switching places, (Olivia pretends to be Ivy for a mysterious meeting, for example) and immersing themselves in middle school that they don’t have time to think about why they were separated at birth, how they could be so different, or what it means for their future.

While Olivia is a charming character, I really liked reading about Ivy’s exploits. From her creepy house overlooking the town to her tense relationship with her best friend and her new boyfriend, Ivy always kept me entertained.

Pick up this book (and its sequels!) if you want to read about vampires, sisters, and friendships — without all the drama of Twilight! If you love this series, try these other My Sister the Vampire readalikes.

— Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

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  1. priti98

    i love this book but i want to wirte a book rewiew for the switched one. but i need to write it in my own words but i dont no how to can some one tell me plz

  2. lulu