June 21, 2009

Book Review: Camp Confidential Series

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Campconfidential_130 Attention, Summer Campers!

Summertime. To me, it used to mean long days at the pool, drippy ice cream cones with sprinkles, and riding my bike up and down the street with my BFF, Nicole. Oh yeah, and one 4th grade summer — after begging, pleading, and bargaining with my mom — I went to gymnastics camp. Finally! It was going to be going to my very first sleepaway camp. With one condition — my mom was a chaperone. Ahh, yes. Well, that’s a story for another time . . .

Anyhow, in this great new series I recently discovered, Camp Confidential by Melissa J. Morgan, I got to flashback to my days at gymnastics camp. But this time, the stories are totally better!

CampConfidential1 I just finished the first book, Natalie’s Dilemma (which you can read online right here!). In it, Natalie is an 11 year-old NYC city chick who is more interested in fresh sushi than fresh air. She can’t believe her mom has sentenced her to Camp Lakeview (aka Camp Lake-Puke) in the middle of nowhere, where she has to exist alongside disgusting bugs, not to mention clean toilets as a daily chore. (Yech!) However, she meets some pretty cool girls and has some equally cool experiences, really bonding with her bunkmates. But then we find out she has a secret she’s been hiding from everyone.

SPOILER ALERT: Close your eyes and skip down to the spoiler-free zone if you don’t want to know Natalie’s secret!

It turns out her dad is a famous Hollywood action-movie star! (Hello — not the worst secret in the world!)

SPOILER-FREE ZONE RESUMES HERE: I really liked this book, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Each book (there are 20) is told from a different character’s point of view. So Book #1 is about Natalie, #2 is about Jenna, #3 is about Grace, and so on. It kind of reminds me of The Baby-sitters Club series (by Ann M. Martin), how they rotate characters throughout the books. It also reminds me of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (a YA series by Ann Brashares), because the girls go their separate ways during the school year, but always come back together at camp.

Some of the online reviews had me laughing too. I especially liked:
this book rocks my socks!
OMG I totally luved this book so much. Best series ever!

Have you read this series? If so, let me know what you think. Also — I’m dying to hear any juicy camp stories! Are you going to summer camp this year? What’s been your worst camp experience ever? What are the most popular types of summer camp? And what’s your DREAM summer camp? (Not sure about that last one: check out this summer camp personality quiz on our Allie Finkle site!)

Happy camping! (Okay, I’ll stop now.)

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. mariah

    i really love this boo iys so like totallyr aw but for real this book is like one of my favorite books tht i ever read so thank you or reading my comet

  2. Haley

    I luv these series! They’re so addicting, sumtimes I find myself reading at 1:00 in the morning! I just got # 10 (Over & Out), 11 (Falling in Like), 12 (Winter Games), & 13 (A Fair to Remember) 2 read but # 9 I ordered on Amazon and it will b here on tommorow or so!

  3. Grrrace

    hey i was wondering . i searched online about the book and it said there was a disneychannel tv show based on it. anyone know what its called? i will totally watch it. i just hope it’s not camp rock . camp rock is nothing compared to Camp Confidential.!

  4. Grrrace

    i learned about Camp Confidential online and i just cant stop reading them now. im addicted to them . the best place to buy them cheap is online. i got all my books there and i just finished Hide and Shriek book 15# which was great. cant wait to read 16#, 18# and 19# ( book 17# camp early in the mail so i skipped and read it =) hey did you guys know Camp Lakeview is real? lol my mom tricked me into thinking she might ship me off to pennysylvania to the real camp when i get older!

  5. arielle

    I’m waiting for book #23, #24 and #25 to come out can’t wait I’ve read most of the books at least twice and these books are so true and fun to read!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kaili

    I love camp confidentail – Ive read the whole series and Im waiting for 23 to come out. I cant wait to read it. The characters are great and it just so interesting to read.

  7. Annabel

    I love these books! I started reading them and i loved them i am not #2 and i already ordered 17 more books off the interenet! I love grace and alyssa. Grace can be really funny and i love some of jennas pranks.

  8. Sophie

    I love this whole series, and I’m currently reading them again! I just want them to keep coming!

  9. tiffany

    nat so had a crush on simon and alex had one on adam jenna’s bro and adam asked jenna to deliver everything to alex

  10. Camp Cnfidential #1 fan

    I love camp confidential! I love realistic fiction when it’s something I can relate to. Reading these books makes me realize how awsome it is to be a girl! I love Grace’s story because she stands up for herself from a frenamie and her ‘rents. I have books 1-4 but I really want to see the other books. I loved going to camp and I wish my exspierence at camp this summer will be as awsome as it was for the girls at Camp Lakeview. Camp Confidential Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Husky32

    I loooved the Camp Confidencial series! I have a big fat book with like five of the stories in it. I loved it! :-)

  12. im,the,queen,king

    i love these books so much i just started rsvp but im going to read the WHOLE series and let my daughter read them to when i have one

  13. Marisa

    Idk what charector i am?Anyone can tell me.I love horses,the color purple,all animals,i love reading and get failing grade in math xD

  14. Allison

    Camp Confidential rocks! I started out reading them as an assigned book, but I realized that they were good, and that they were enjoyable, compared to some of the other books, like Grace (Grace’s Twist) had to read.

  15. Kaili

    I have read all of th!! Except for 22 which I’m geting soon. Did you know there making a 23?!? It comes out march of 2010. I can’t wait. ! Anyone wanna be bffs lol

  16. gigglygrl

    Camp Confidential is such a great series! I recommend it to any teenage girl who loves books or stories about other teenage girls. I started reading it, then I got lost of where I was in the series (there are SO many books!!) but I’m going to start reading again!!!!! And now I am reading Summer Confidential Sunset, Melissa’s next series which is also really good! Enjoy these books, girls!!!

  17. briiann

    i love this book and all the series i havn’t really even read all of them but there so totally AWESOME! this book has a lot of drama for natalie~

  18. soccer crazee

    my fave character is alex cuz she luvz sportz &espicially soccer, like me! camp confidential Rox!!

  19. Alexis

    I <33333 alex and ive read the whole series but ive heard there is a 23 one called policetely incorrect is thatt trueee?????

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