June 8, 2009

BE BIG in Your Community!

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Bebig Hey, guys! Just wanted to give you a quick BE BIG! Update: A few weeks ago, I told you about our BE BIG in Your Community Contest. Well, the contest is going strong with over 130 entries and you still have a month left to enter YOUR Big Idea on how you can make a difference in your community.

If you’re having trouble thinking of a great idea, read on to find out about a kid doing BIG things by helping out in his own community that may help inspire you! The 13-year old (Alex) started volunteering at a company in his community that collects medical supplies for needy countries in Africa. When Alex’s supervisor mentioned that one of her contacts in Malawi had expressed an interest in getting some athletic equipment, Alex had an idea for how to help. It was the fall, when Alex, a soccer player, and all his friends realize that their old cleats are now too small, or when younger kids realize they need larger soccer balls. Usually that old equipment sits around until someone eventually throws it away. But Alex had had another destination in mind for that gear. He had a BIG Idea that all that old, unused equipment could go to those kids in the poor communities that his supervisor had mentioned. So Alex, along with about 50 friends, collected that old soccer equipment from the bottom of their closets and got it ready to ship to Africa.

Alex’s idea started small, with just an email to some friends—and now he’s helping kids in Africa get out, be active, and play soccer! Your Idea doesn’t have to be as BIG as Alex’s to make a difference; it can be something small right in your community!

—Julia, from the BE BIG team

  1. jl5

    I would make a difference by telling everyone I know to recycle,because it could effect what could happen in the future.Also all I want todo is to be big as much as possible in my community!!!

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