May 3, 2009

Trivia: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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Lightennigtheif_130Happy spring, Splotters! I celebrated the arrival of warm weather (FINALLY) by heading to a rope swing over a river with a bunch of friends, and I recommend you do something similarly spontaneous to officially mark the changing of the seasons. In honor of that aquatic adventure, and as a promised follow-up to my review of The Lightning Thief, I’d like to present Ink Splot 26′s first ever Percy Jackson trivia!

1. What was the Roman (not Greek!) name for Percy’s father?

2. What is the first hint we get of who Percy’s father really is?

3. Which monster is Percy’s namesake famous for killing?

4. Which three planets are named after Percy’s father and uncles?

5. Why is the entrance to the underworld in L.A.? (Feel free to be creative with this one.)

6. Where did Percy stab Ares, and what classical hero is this a reference to?

Good luck! I’ll post the answers in a week.

— Jack, STACKS Staffer

  1. annabethfan

    I haven’t read the book in a long time but i will try my best. 1.Neptune 2.When Percy controlls the toliits. 3.Medusa? 4 Have no clue. 5. The underworld is not as colse to new york so not a lot of dangers.. 6.Heel Sorry for bad spelling.

  2. veronique11

    2.when he soaked nancy with the fountain water
    3.the minotaur
    4.neptune,jupiter,and pluto
    5.cause it follows the western civilization his heel, achilles

  3. veronique11

    2.when he soaked nancy at with the fountain water
    3.the minotaur
    4.neptune,jupiter,and pluto
    5.causeit follows the western civilization his heel, achilles

  4. I <3 Grover!

    1. Neptune
    2. His trip to Montuak
    3. Medusa
    4. Neptune – Poseidon, Jupiter – Zeus, Pluto – Hades
    5. Because the Underworld will always be opposite of Olympus
    6. His Achille’s Tendon (Heel/Ankle)

  5. percy jackson fan #2

    2.nancy gets pushed by water in the fountain.
    5.the opposite of new york.

  6. percyjackson#1fan

    1. Neptune
    2. when the water blows out of the girls toilets
    3.cletus or somthing like that
    4. Neptune (Posiedon)
    Jupiter (Zeus)
    Pluto (Hades)
    5. cuz of all the goth and reble celeberties
    6. his heel in refrense to Achillies’s heel

  7. Nick

    1. Neptune
    2. When Percy makes Nancy Bobofit fall into the fountain.
    3. Medusa
    4. The underworld moves according to western civilization and is opposit of Olympus (which is in the east)
    5. Jupiter, Neptune , Pluto
    6. Heel , Achilles

  8. Rachel

    2.When Nancy Bobofit falls into the fountain and the water looks like it grabbed her.
    4.The Underworld is always west of Mount Olympus
    5.Jupiter,Neptune,and Pluto

  9. opie

    1. Neptune
    2. Percy douses the Cabin 5 kids in the bathroom with water.
    3. Medusa….
    4. Because if Olympus is in the East, then the Underworld is in the West.
    5. Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter.
    6. His “Achilles” heel.

  10. Nico Fan

    1) Neptune
    2) When Nancy falls into the fountain. “It looked like the water grabbed her” or something like that
    4)Jupiter- Zeus Neptune- Poseidon Pluto- Hade (he really is an outcast: Pluto isn’t even a planet anymore)
    5)Because it is symbolic to the imperfections of Hollywood life: drugs and drinking etc
    6)In the heel, Achilles reference

  11. Someone

    2.When he made Nancy fall into the fountain
    4.Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto
    5.Because it is in the Western Civilization
    6.Heel; Achilles

  12. Dragonguardian

    1. Neptune
    2.When Percy controlled the water in the bathroom
    3. the Minotaur
    4. Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter
    5. Because IT JUST IS
    6. Heel and Hercules

  13. matt r.

    1. neptune
    2. his green eyes
    3. mudusa
    4. neptune, pluto, and jupiter

  14. Reyna The Awesome

    2.When the were in the bathroom, and he made the toilet water squirt Clarisse in the face.
    3. Medusa because Perseus cut off her head.
    4. Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto.
    5. Because the Western Civilization moves, literally.
    6. Percy stabs Ares, and it is relating to Achilles. That’s why they call it the Achillies Heel.
    Yes, I’m a nerd. Don’t rub it in.

  15. MythologyGrEEK

    1. Neptune the first chapter he controlled the water in a fountain to grab nancy because she picked on gover at the field trip
    4.Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter,
    5.because it just is
    6.he stabbed ares in the heel refering to Achilles heel which was his one vulnerable spot.

  16. ShinbokuH

    1) Neptune
    2) When he was on his school fied trip to the museum and he got mad at this girl for picking on grover.
    3) Medusa
    4) Poseidon- Neptune
    Zeus- Jupiter
    Hades- Pluto
    5) First off it should always be to the west of olympus. Hades was an outcast to his family so he probably wanted to be as far as he could be, while still in western civilization.
    6) Percy stabbed Ares in the heel. This is a refrence to Achilles, who was said to be invincible exept for in one spot; His hee.

  17. dramageek

    i love this book if you have not read this book you need to get the book its amazing you will LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!

  18. lucca4

    1. Neptune
    2. When Percy is fighting with kids during his first day at Camp Half-Blood and he is able to spray water on them.
    3. Medusa
    4. Neptune (Poseidon), Pluto (Hades), Jupiter (Zeus).
    5. It’s where all the Hollywood drama is going on, and many famous people die (and live) in Hollywood, so it’s a shorter journey to the Underworld.
    6. Percy stabbed him in the heel, and the classic reference is to Achilles’ Heel, which is used as a metaphor for someone’s weakness.

  19. Songheart

    2.When Percy controlled the toilets in the girls bathroom.
    4.Neptune,Jupiter,and Pluto
    5.Because Los Angeles means angels and when you die it is said that you see angels

  20. amarab

    1) Neptune
    2) Doesn’t something happen with a fountain?
    3) Medusa
    4) Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter
    5) It’s the opposite city of New York, which is where Olympus is. Something like that, anyway.
    6) Heel and Achilles? I’m guessing.
    I love these books and more people should read them, so I’m glad this is up.

  21. Eddy

    2.Healing in The water
    3.Perseus, who killed Medusa and married Andromeda
    4.Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter
    5.To make it easier for Hermes to deliver people who died in a casino
    6.In the Ocean, and it refers to Perseus

  22. Jacob

    1. Neptune
    2. When Percy doused the Cabin 5 kids in bathroom water
    3. Medusa
    4. Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto
    5. The entrance to the Underworld is always in the west
    6. Heel; Achilles

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