May 1, 2009

Scholastic New York Headquarters

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Scholastic_130 If you're a regular reader of Ink Splot 26, you know that the Scholastic headquarters are in NYC — whether it's because you read about Miranda Cosgrove or Keke Palmer visiting the Scholastic Store, watched the Allie Finkle Super Sleepover webcast or the 39 Clues webcast (both of which were broadcast from our auditorium), saw the Presidential Portraits or the Harry Potter Read-a-thon that took place in our lobby, or caught a glimpse of our cafeteria at the Inkdeath release event. But I'm betting most of you have never been here. And our friends at On Our Minds (a Scholastic blog for adults) guessed the same about their readers. So they did something about it – they filmed two mini-video tours of the office, which they're letting us share with you!

The tour goes by quick — and believe me, when I say quick, I mean quick! So keep your eyes peeled for (1) the outside of the building, (2) the lobby, (3) the Scholastic Store, (4) the lobby (again), (5) the escalators, (6) reception, (7) The Red Bar (our coffee shop), (8) the library, (9) reception (again), (10) the Resource Room, (11) offices, (12) the elevators, and finally (13) the Greenhouse (our cafeteria) and its very pretty view.

I told you it was fast!

If you want a (just a little bit slower) tour, On Our Minds also filmed a video to highlight all of the big spaces that we use to have meetings, assemblies, and parties. And this time, I don't need to call out what you're looking at because there's a famous big, red dog doing it for me.

I hope you enjoyed the video tours. If there's anything you want to see more of, let us know in the comments and maybe Ink Splot 26 will have to arrange a video tour of our own!

— Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. deidara rules and dont you forget it! fangirl :)

    uhh where am i can some one tell me? i just want to know (awesome plaze :) )

  2. bookwormiamalwaysinabook

    wow…I just want to be and author. Actuallt i want to be an award winning author. So this is a good website for me!

  3. manga eyes

    so so fast my manga eyes hurt get it? HA HA!!!
    Carly H. rocks for making the video. ps the hunger games rocks!

  4. 3rd Grade Class

    The first video was TOOOO fast. Everything was so blurry that we couldn’t see anything. The only place where it wasn’t blurry was the beautiful view of New York. Our teacher wants to visit your site.

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