May 13, 2009

Now Casting: How I Survived Middle School

Mss_130About a month ago on the Middle School Survival site in the Top Ten section, we asked you who should play Jenny and Addie in a movie based on the How I Survived Middle School series. The results were pretty unanimous, which was surprising:

Jenny Mcfee (Cast by YOU!)
Miley_130 #1 choice: Miley Cyrus

I agree — Miss Miley would be perfect for this role because not only does she look a little bit like Jenny, but she also deals with all the hardships one faces at school on a daily basis on her hit show, Hannah Montana.

Selina_gomez_130 #2 choice: Selena Gomez
Like Miley, Selena is constantly thinking of clever ways to deal with her school problems (on the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place). Plus, she is also moving quickly up the celebrity ladder, so we'd better snag her while we have the chance.

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Addie Wilson (Cast by YOU!)
#1 choice: Ashley Tisdale
All I have to say is, "bravo" to the users who submitted Ashley Tisdale as their top choice to play Addie Wilson. Ashley already has this in the bag after starring as Sharpay in the High School Musical films. This role should be a cinch!

#2: Britney Spears
Britney Spears would be a bit too old for the role of Addie, but after watching her on How I Met Your Mother and Will & Grace, I'm sure Britney could pull if off. However, if she's too busy with her world tour, maybe her sister Jamie Lynn could fill in.

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Of course, there are a few characters that still need to be cast. So here's how I would round out the crew:

Haley Williams of Paramore as Chloe
Though she's not an actress and has never appeared in a movie or television show, Haley Williams can definitely perform. After seeing this Paramore lead singer in interviews and performances, I think Haley would fit this role as Jenny's friend quite well due to his fun demeanor and easygoing personality.

Cole or Dylan Sprouse as Marc
These Suite Life of Zack and Cody stars would be a shoe-in for the role of Marc. Funny, outgoing, and friendly, either one of these actors would have no problem pulling off this character. Now, which one would I cast . . . that's a hard one!

Emily Osment as Felicia
As Hannah Montana's comedic best friend, Emily Osment already has this role down. Plus she has such a friendly and welcoming appearance that she could never be cast as "a pop."

Miranda Cosgrove as Dana
Sure you love Miranda Cosgrove in Nickelodeon's iCarly, but this talented actress also played the stuck-up and demanding girl in the movie School of Rock (2003) and the annoying and scheming sister on Drake and Josh, so I'm sure she'll have no problem acting as Addie's cruel and popular friend.

Colleen and Suzanne Dengel as Marilyn and Carolyn
You may not have heard of these girls, but they starred alongside famed actress Meryl Streep as her daughters in the 2006 hit movie Devil Wears Prada. Not only are they middle-school age, but they also fit the prerequisite of being identical twins.

Emma Roberts as Sabrina
This actress has the skills down to play one of the unkind, popular girls in How I Survived Middle School. Though she is probably one of the most down-to-earth young actresses in Hollywood, like her aunt Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts can take on any part she is given and succeed.

Bonnie Wright as Sam
Have you happen to hear of a little series called Harry Potter? Well, if you have, then you've probably both read the books and seen the movies. This actress, Bonnie Wright, plays Ginny Weasley. Given her well-established acting credentials and the fact that she already has a British accent (right, she's from England), she'd be perfect for the role of Sam.

Susan Sarandon as Ms. Jaffe
She is probably one of the greatest actresses of all time. If you don't know who she is from her name, you might recognize her as Queen Narissa from the Disney movie Enchanted. Susan Sarandon has been in just about any type of movie you can imagine; from comedy to drama to action, she's done it all. This is the reason I pick her to star as Ms. Jaffe, Joyce Kilmer Middle School's strict and tough English teacher.

So, do you all agree with my choices? If not, who would you pick?

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. Caitlin

    I think you should make them younger. Your choices are like high school age and higher. We need middle school aged actors and actresses, like ages 11-14. Stefanie Scott would make an awesome Addie, though.

  2. Annonymus

    Jenny-Debby Ryan
    Addie-Ashley Tisdale
    Chloe-Selena Gomez
    Rachel-Hayley Williams
    Felicia-Emily Osment
    Josh-Josh Ramsey <3
    Marc-Matt Prokop
    Marilyn & Carolyn-Katelyn & Kara Pacitto

  3. hellokitty<3

    Lucy Hale should play Jenny!! she has the same brown hair and blue eyes and i think she would be perfect as Jenny!!

  4. Cimmie

    Those people are way too old! I am alwys reding how i suvived middle school and i want the movie to be perfect not some high school reunion!

  5. ines

    i will love seeing the movie!!! when does it appear ? please make it!!! i love the book, and im only in the fisrt one!
    and amazing cast!!! that will be great, watching them!:)

  6. amarene818

    I think alyson stoner should play rachel (shes sporty) and for josh…. how about Shia Saide LaBeouf from transformers!!! please look at this!!

  7. cutepuppy38

    i think they should make a big audition for middle schoolers all over america.. they are way to old.. MIDDLE SCHOOL

  8. cutepuppy38

    I Think the actors should be a little younger.. its MIDDLE SCHOOL. not high school or college.. miley cyrus, selena, or ashley doesnt look like theyre in middle school. Think! Its a middle school movie…

  9. Sarah

    1.I think jenny would be nicely played by Zendaya or bella thorne(Shake it up)
    2.Addie could be ashley tisdale in sharpay form..But brittany spears is tooo old!!
    3.umm chloe should be played by bella thorne definetly.
    4.Marc should be zac efron or dylan or cole could work.
    5.sabrina could be umm OMG!!i never relized how many charecters nancy krulik added ps lovvvee the books but as the series go bigger i start to like less

  10. lily

    i thmk all the characters are too old and there is abig difference in age group considering they are supposed to play middle schoolers. maybe you shouldnt just focus on wether the actors are famous or not. chose actors that look the part in age and physical character and more or less match the description of the character.

  11. emma

    Jenny – Miley Cyrus
    Addie: Ashley Tisdale
    Chloe: jordan Sparks
    Marc: Zac Efron
    Felicia: Emily Osment
    Dana: Selena Gomez
    Marilyn and Carolyn: Colleen and Suzanne Dengel
    Sabrina: Emma Roberts
    Sam: Bonnie Wright
    Susan Sarandon: Ms. Jaffe
    Rachel: Debbie Ryan
    Liza: Jennifer Stone
    Claire: Nicole Anderson
    Maya: Vannessa Hudgens
    Josh: Justin Bieber

  12. Peyton

    Debbie ryan would make a great liza and Vanessa Morgan could be an awesome rachel
    so this is what i think
    Debbie ryan:liza
    Matthew Knight:josh
    Vanessa Morgan:Rachel
    Kate todd:claire
    Ella Jonas Fargliner:maya

  13. Jessica

    awesome it’s one of my favorite series of books(i have 2 favorite series) and i ask my friend if i can read them because i only have 2 of the collection and i give her other books

  14. Elisabeth

    I think you shouldn`t get anybody famous to play the parts. Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale and Britney Spears are all to old to play the parts anyway. I think you should get people around the same grade as Jenny Mcfee and that are and aren`t famous.
    Anybody agree?