May 16, 2009

Book Review: The Princess Plot by Kirsten Boie

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Princess_plot_130 Pink, Pretty, Deadly . . .

Royalty and castles? Check. Intrigue and mystery? Check. Secrets and undercover agents? Check!

The Princess Plot might sound like just another book about a princess and her castle, but watch out: reading this book was more like uncovering a deep, dark mystery. There were twists and turns I never saw coming! Written by Kirsten Boie and translated from German, The Princess Plot is suitable for readers age 8-12 and, at almost 400 pages, is a hearty read.

It’s also a detailed read, what with imaginary countries, lots of characters with lots of subplots, and secrets that just keep revealing more questions. You see, Jenna and her best friend, Bea, decide to audition for a movie that has unexpectedly come to town. Even though Jenna’s sure Bea is the prettier, smarter choice, the agents choose HER. Before she can even call her overprotective mother to get permission, she’s whisked away to the country of Scandia to immediately start “practicing” for the role . . . by pretending to be the Scandian Princess in front of the unsuspecting townspeople. Sounds fishy, right?

It turns out, things in the picture-perfect Scandia are not-so-perfect. I won’t give anything away, but I will say this: hushed conversations! Rigged cell phones! Strangers knocking on balcony doors! They’re all part of The Princess Plot by Kirsten Boie — in stores this month!

— Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

UPDATE: Don't miss the sequel, The Princess Trap!

  1. megan

    i love The Princess Plot! im only 10 yrs old and im only on like, page 28! it is so cool! Bea and Jenna r my favorite parts in the story! this book is amazing! all those readers who havnt read it… READ IT!!! still, it is great from wat ive read so far! such a big book, but amazing!!! jenna is my favorite character so far! u peeps better expect more comments from me pretty soon!

  2. Dalia

    i totally love this book whaterver it says that jenna wrote i really wrote but it wrote my name wrong so read both commets thanx i totalyy love this book so much even though it is not my style.

  3. Dalia

    its kind of complicated with all the switching off but the book is a really goog thing to read when youre just bored and have nothing to do. i like that it has a lot of royal things and how jennas life goes into the little princess and how they meat
    im sure that when i finish tha book ill be satisfied right now im in the middle like on pg.101 its really getting intersting i think everyone should read it even if its not their kinda style!!!!

  4. jenna

    im only 11 yrs old and i read the whole thing its a really amazing book i read the sneak peek about the princess trap cant wait to read that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jenna

    Is princess trap the 2nd one?Whatever but I JUST FINSHED THE BOOK!now my friend need 2 read this book ASAP!I am a princess. :)

  6. jashana

    hey world i just got the book and when i first show the book i readed the back of the book and i said to my self tha i have to buy this book now …………… and i am only 10 going on 11 so lol but buy it every one or u will miss out on the good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Emily

    OMG!! I FINISHED THE BOOK!! Now Im soooo obsessed with it… Anyway, I really wish she would make another! I’m gonna try to get my best friend to read it now. The book is so amazing, I read it for 3 hours straight! :D

  8. Britney

    luv the book so much. I didn’t get to finish. I read it for hours and up to page 197. :)

  9. connor

    i love the book i never want to stop reading it i hope that she does make alot more books like it and i cant wait 4 the princess trap to come out

  10. bobetta

    What was norlins character description? What color hair did he have? Need information for a project at school. Please answer!

  11. S

    just finished reading it and i loved it!!!!!!!!!! utterly brilliant with lots of me you’ll love it ^^

  12. Isabel

    I just finished reading it, trust me it’s an exelent read.I could hardly put it down.

  13. Danielle

    It’s a little complicated, but REALLY exciting!!! I hope she’ll make a sequal!

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