April 26, 2009

Trivia: The 39 Clues – Who Said That?

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39clues_130 You're reading the books. You're collecting the cards. You're playing the game. And we hope you're winning the prizes. Now it's time to solve the trivia!

For each of the quotes below, provide the character who said it and which book it's from:

1.) "I have a limited vocabulary! Linguini! Mangia! Buon giorno! Gucci!"

2.) "Excuse me, Jackie Chan, but carry-on luggage is always X-rayed."

3.) “You have intelligence and youth, and a fresh way of looking at things. I, on the other hand, have resources and age.”

4.) “It's Dijon, stupid. This is the mustard capital of the world.”

5.) “A Lucian who doesn't trust his kin – imagine that.”

Good luck at uncovering . . . the 5 Quotes to The 39 Clues! (Get the answers on 5/7)

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. sugar.x

    1. Dan Cahill
    2. Amy Cahill
    3. Alistair Oh
    4. Reagan Holt
    5. Natalie Kabra
    So glad you didn’t put Book 4 Questions.

  2. Brianna

    Sorry, 4 got to add books.
    1) Dan Cahill – Book 3
    2) Amy Cahill – Book 3
    3) Alistair Oh – Book 1
    4) Reagan Holt (?) – Book 1
    5) Natalie Kabra (?) – Book 2 (?)

  3. fanofh2o

    1. Dan Cahill
    2. Amy Cahill
    3. Alistair Oh
    4. Reagen Holt
    5. Natalie Kabra
    (When did Reagen say that I can’t rember)

  4. Emily

    1. dan cahill book 3
    2. amy cahill book 3
    3.alistair oh book 1?
    4.reagan holt book 2
    5.natalie kabra book 1

  5. Emily

    i know this is right.
    1.dan cahill
    2.amy cahill
    3.alistair oh
    4.reagan holt
    5.natalie kabra

  6. 123fizzi

    Hmm…. I’m not too good at this, sorry!
    1. Dan Cahill, book …?
    2. Amy Cahill, book 3
    3. Alistair Oh, book 1, I think
    4. Amy Cahill, book….?
    5. Natalie Kabra, book 1

  7. Ekaterina, no matter what the site says.

    1) Dan Cahill on book 3
    2) Amy Cahill on book 3
    3) Alistar Oh on book 1
    4) Regan Holt on book 2
    5) Natalie Kabra on book 1

    I think that was pretty easy.
    P.S: Ian and Natalia are AWESOME.

  8. Lucian-I.S-39

    You guys are all wrong! Well some of you are. The correct order is; 1) Dan Cahill. 2) Amy Cahill. 3) Alistair Oh. 4) Amy Cahill. 5) And the last one is either Natalie or Ian Kabra. I didn’t search the books for the answers.

  9. Ekat

    I know that I have the first two right
    1.) Dan-3rd book
    2)Amy-3rd book
    I know Alistair said it, I just don’t know the book.
    3.)Alistair Oh-???
    I have no idea with the others
    4.) Reagon,Nellie or Dan…my bet is with Reagon
    5.) Irina, Ian or Natalie….

  10. Aly - Obsessed 39 Clues Fan

    1) Dan Cahill
    2)Amy Cahill (third book, airport, beginning, talking about swords) :)
    3)Alistair Oh (trying to make an alliance)
    4) Reagon Holt
    5) Ian Kabra

  11. Haley

    1.Dan Cahill, book three the sword theif.
    2.Amy Cahill, book three.
    3.Alistair Oh, book one the maze of bones.
    4.Reagan Holt, book two one false note.
    5.Natalie Kabra, book three.

  12. carl

    I know I’m right because I have read all 4 many times.
    1.Dan Cahill
    2.Amy Cahill
    3.Alistair Oh
    4.Reagen Holt
    5.Natalie Kabra
    Again, I know I’m right.

  13. SageGirls

    1.Dan Cahill
    2.Amy Cahill
    3.Alistair Oh
    4.Reagen Holt
    5.Natalie Kabra
    I’m positive that these are right. I should know. I’ve read the books enough.

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