April 6, 2009

News from Peter Lerangis on The 39 Clues Tour

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39clues_book3_130Well, everyone, the hunt is over. I have found all 39 Clues, hidden in very large fish that washed up on Lake Michigan. I win. See ya!

APRIL FOOL! (Worried there, weren’t you?)

Greetings from Chicago! I figure it’s time for an update on my tour promoting The Sword Thief — and the latest video episode in my clue search!

I am still nearly speechless over my visit to Los Angeles and Southern California. What a send-off I had — an entire day at a school where hundreds of kids gave me an Oscar-worthy entrance, all dressed up as characters from The 39 Clues! You can read about that (and see photos) here.

As for Chicago, well, it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I lived here when I was an actor in a Broadway tour. This past Sunday, SNOW was on the ground when we arrived. Yup, flip-flops and palm trees one week, down coats and frozen fingers the next. Gives new meaning to THE DOUBLE-DEALING TOUR, huh?

At one point, we drove through a barrage of thick snowballs hurtling onto the street around us and realized we were in a hailstorm. Chicago is called the Windy City, the City of Big Shoulders, and That Toddlin’ Town. Well, The 39 Clues has blown into the Windy City and shaken its shoulders. I’ve been to tons of schools and bookstores, had a TV interview, even spoken to a school group in which kids were bussed in from three different states!

The best news? I’ve made more progress on my hunt! Okay, as you saw in my Los Angeles post, I found my elusive code-cracking friend, Charisse Rachel Johnson. Just as I predicted, she solved the mystery of the San Francisco message. But the solution set up an impossible task for me — plus I received ANOTHER coded message from Janus headquarters by cell phone! Were you able to solve it? I was. And it led me to Chicago: a dark alley on Monroe Street under the elevated train, where I found an odd, rather frustrated Russian man dressed in disguise.

Find out about what happened in my new video blog. Can you figure out the code that’s vexing him?

Let me know. And I’ll see you later this month, in Philadelphia!

— Peter Lerangis, Author

  1. Matthew

    Wow! You`re doing really good! I have a question for you. If You`re looking for a clue, then what branch are you? I`m Ekaterina. Bye!

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