April 18, 2009

LIVE CHAT! Being Green

Greetings, Splotter Earthlings! The next STACKS live chat is all about BEING GREEN, so mark your soon-to-be-recycled-biodegradable-calendars!

WHEN: Saturday, April 18, 2009, 4-5 p.m. ET
TOPIC: Being green!
Save the Planet message board moderator

Earth Day is on April 22nd, and we’re super psyched to hear from you guys about how to save energy, save animals, and save our planet! (Oh. Humans too.)

Here’s your chance to talk to STACKS kids all over the world about how you can contribute to stopping global warming, preserving animal habitats, and making our one and only Earth the best place to live.

Can’t wait for the live chat? Get the conversation started on the Save the Planet message board. AND if you’re already on the board, get excited — because Elise (the Save the Planet board moderator) will be joining our chat as a very special guest. Yay for Elise!

— STACKS Staffers

UPDATE: 4/18 — Thanks for joining the chat! Here is a recap.

  1. Amber

    Hey everyone! I’m new here so I wuz wondering if you can help me and tell me wheather or not you can create a home for your avatar!?


    my idea not like others its BOOORRRIIINNGG.. my briliant idea is:i want to recycle the things that can be recycle and make a magazine about go green.

  3. Kristina

    :P Save the earth! Go green. My friend and I are helping the planet in all ways we can. You should too!:)

  4. songbird1497

    being green is so awsome green is my FAVORITE COLOR and me ang my friends are being green

  5. Joe (saveearth29)

    I REALLY, really hope to make it! I haven’t made any of the chats. Hope to see you guys there! I’m going to put it on my recyclable calendar!

  6. comment 8

    sa-weeeet! Wait…when’s Easter? I might be away…dang it! i always miss them! I’ll cross my fingers and hope to be able to come!

  7. Teresa (Thestral96)

    Sa-wheeeeet! Wait…when’s Easter? I might be away…dang it! I always miss them! I’ll cross my fingers and hope to be able to come!

  8. Nancy, STACKS Staffer

    @avidreader (Azzie): There are several time zones in Canada, so the easiest thing is to ask and adult what time it would be for you if it were 4PM in New York.
    @Natalie (hp_twilight_catz): On the day of the chat, you’ll also be able to get to it from the message boards. Or, just check this blog entry – we’ll have a huge SIGN INTO THE CHAT link!

  9. Princess Lovebug

    I love planet earth do you of corse you do do you want to be friends lets be friends don’t ya just love friends do u want to check out my profile of corse you want to check it out why wouldent u want to check it out did i say i love planet earth of corse i did i love earth hour
    see ya
    Princess Lovebug

  10. Natalie (hp_twilight_catz)

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I WILL make it this time! I’ve missed both of the others,but this one I can’t. I must talk to ELISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! GO ELISE!! GO GREEEEEEEEEEEEEN!
    But, how do I get to the chat? Go to the Save The Earth Board, and then what? (Sorry,I’m confused!)

  11. avidreader (Azzie)

    ok… Canada.. can’t seem to figure it out :P
    BTW this’ll b my first chat b/c i always miss the other ones, hopefully i’ll make it!

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