April 16, 2009

Author Exclusive: Derrick Barnes introduces Ruby

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Ruby130 Imagine being the youngest in a family of four kids. Now, imagine being the little sister of three of the most popular boys on the block and at Hope Road Academy, their school. To be honest, to keep it real, it stinks for 8-year-old Ruby Marigold Booker. I mean, she loves her brothers, but how can a girl as dynamic, as stylish, as talented, and as smart as Ruby receive a little bit of shine? (“Shine” is Bellow Rock lingo for attention, some of the spotlight, a share of stardom.) Her great singing voice, her unmatched trivia skills, owning the flyest pet iguana ever, and having a ton of colorful creative ideas will have to be her way to step out on her own and become her own “Booker.”

Marcellus is 12, and they call him “Big Time.” He is good looking, a master musician, and stuck on Marcellus. All the girls go nuts when he hits the scene, which has apparently gone to his big head. Roosevelt — or, as everyone at Hope Road Academy calls him, “Ro Rowdy” — is a prankster, a rascal, and he always finds a way to get underneath Ruby’s skin. Tyner — or “Ty Noodles” — is a brilliant student and has a brain the size of Pluto. He’s so smart, he was allowed to skip two grade levels! There’s more to the fabulous Booker Boys, but we’ll get into all of that stuff later. For now, as you can see, Ruby has a lot to compete with. Imagine what it was like for Janet Jackson having Michael and the Jackson 5 as big brothers. She obviously carved a name for herself, but it sure took some guts and star power. Well, if there are two things that Ruby is full of, it’s star power and guts (that didn’t come out right — you know what I mean.)

Ruby1 In book #1, Brand New School, Brave New Ruby, Ruby will be leaving her old school and attending Hope Road Academy where the Booker Boys are bigger than the Jonas Brothers — bigger and definitely cooler.

Ruby2 In book #2, Trivia Queen: 3rd Grade Supreme, Ruby has to face one of her biggest fears and at the same time flex one of her biggest muscles while competing against two of her big brothers in a trivia contest.

Ruby3 Book #3, The Slumber Party Payback, has Ruby at the end of her rope when Roosevelt continues to ruin her slumber parties. Enough is enough! Our girl Ruby has something in store for that chump brother of hers.

Ruby4 And in Ruby Flips For Attention, book #4, Ruby forms her own neighborhood drill team after watching her big cousin compete in a cheerleading competition. She quickly learns that being a neighborhood superstar has a lot more to do with community service than it does cute outfits and pom-poms.

Ruby is amazing, very real, and hilarious. I hope that there will be a legion of Ruby Booker fans all over the country. She’s more than girl power; she is the living embodiment of independence, powerful ideas, and motivation. Nothing will stop her from becoming the star she was created to be. Ruby is shopping on Saturday afternoons. Ruby is coming up with and singing her own songs at the drop of a dime. Ruby is hands-on-hips, eyes rolling, and hands to the face. Ruby is double dutch, roller skating, hot dill pickles, and a pocketful of candy. Ruby is cute hairstyles, mix & match shoes, and a smile that could change the weather from gloomy October to the middle of July. She’s all that and more.

Stay tuned for more Ruby books, but in the meantime spread the word about your new favorite heroine — the amazing, the fabulous, the outstanding Ruby Marigold Booker. And check out this video with more on Ruby:

Derrick Barnes, Author

  1. Zoe

    I really like this book and I hope to read another one! I reamber when you came to my school! Derrick Barnes is my role model and I love Ruby she have good style just like you and me! By the way Derrick Barnes is my favort author!bye!!!!!!!!

  2. Catherine

    the books you made are so cool to me.I love the songs that you put in thous books.I sing them alot.you are a great writter!Ruby is like me cuase I love to sing that is my talent!

  3. ceynas

    I Loooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Ruby!She have style and she Know how to sing! Derrick is a great author speaking of Derrick Barnes I meet him in person at my school! Derrick I really loe your books!

  4. amber

    ruby is awsome man Ilooooooooooooooooooovoeeeeeeeeeeeee your storys p.s what your next story about.p.s.s ruby got style i do too psss did i say i loooooooooveeeee your storys.

  5. bc

    heyyyyy derrick! i looooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeed all of your books .ruby is the best charactor ever! she is because you can relate to her she has a lot of problmes other kids have .She also has style and sponk.And my favorite colors are orange and purple 2!love Brieanna
    p.s plese come back to my school BEFORE the school year is over.
    pp.s i llllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ruby!



  7. darnesha

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your storys they are realistic and funny some times you can sing em.ps when are you going to come back to my school.pss keep em coming.

  8. jemima

    I love this series though im 12 years old. I wish my life was as advantarous as her life . Imagining having the most popular boys as your BROTHER

  9. Principal H

    The Ruby series has been phenomenol! Our students have enjoyed reading EVERY book as well as meeting Derrick Barnes, live and in person! The characters are just like the boys and girls here at our school. We can’t wait for the next book! Mr. Barnes has done an awesome job in creating characters that think, act, and talk just like the students at our school. The connections for real world are fluid throughout the books! Keep writing Mr. Barnes so that our students can continue keeping up and reading about the Booker family!!!!

  10. Amirah

    I love Ruby… Her life is exactly like my life!!! I was wondering if you could make a book about her Grandmother coming back from out of town. I love Ruby and her brothers!

  11. Ruth

    I adore this series… My “Ruby” has read all four books within five weeks!!! We are all eager to read more about this wonderful example of a great American family!!!

  12. Shannon

    I love your books I Loooove them. I have read the 1st and 2nd one. Their great I can’t wait to read the 3rd and 4th one I know that they well be great too.

  13. Stks

    This series is out of this world. My students can’t put it down. “Ruby” is the real thing! She’s funny, smart, & cute. My students really adore “Ruby”
    I would tell any educator to have this series in their classroom

  14. Erin

    I love that your witing about Ruby and the booker boys. Its fantastic. I love Ruby shes just so awsome. I like her beacause she is great, fun, and funny in her own way. You should keep writing all about her!!!

  15. Rose

    I love the Ruby series. They are great books. Even my friends like them. Ruby is funny and she is alot like me. That is why I like Ruby. I have read almost all of them. I loooooooove them. Keep writing them.

  16. Mrs. T

    My 2nd grade daughter loved this series. She loves all the trouble the boys get into and how Ruby tries to make sense of all of these problems.

  17. Angel

    My daughter has a book club and we’ve read all the books in this series. My daughter along with the members of the book club love them.

  18. Cynthia

    I am an elementary school reading teacher who just found Ruby! Ruby’s stories are so realistic! I appreciate finally finding a book that our elementary girls can relate to! From a reading teacher’s perspective, the books are very well written and age-appropriate. The fact that they are chapter books makes it feel like “big-kid” reading!
    My 7-year old grand daughter and I love Ruby! We’re making a list of topics for Ruby’s next adventures! (If you don’t write them, I’m sure my grand daughter will try!!) : )
    Thank you for your work! We are looking forward to reading more about Ruby Booker!

  19. Denise J

    I bought one of these books for my granddaughter this past Christmas. She loves it and has since turned her little friend on to series. Great job, Mr. Barnes!

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