March 15, 2009

Dance Party (OMG It’s Spring Edition)

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Danceparty_130So we all lost an hour of sleep last weekend, and that stinks. But there’s good news: spring is just around the corner! And spring is dance party season, right? WRONG. Every season is dance party season.

It’s my pleasure to present three more songs that will tear up the floor at the next bat mitzvah:

Beyonce – “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”
This has to be one of the catchiest, most danceable songs I’ve ever heard. Last Saturday I was out dancing. When this song came on, the whole place went nuts. About half the people there (myself included) were trying to do the dance and failing pretty badly; kudos to you if you can get it down.

Britney Spears – “Circus”
It happened sometime around her last album: Britney started pumping out these really awesome electro-dance anthems. “Gimme More,” “Piece of Me,” “Womanizer,” and now “Circus” all draw on what used to be a pretty obscure genre of electronica. Whatever, musicology, yada yada, this song is bumpin’.

The Bravery – “An Honest Mistake”
This one’s a bit older, but it still works. Kind of like The Killers, but a little faster and crazier. Dig those synths! Pretty retro. Kinda dark and catchy, and probably not for the faint of heart — dancing to this requires a certain lack of inhibition due to its tempo and rock-ness. Just give up on trying to look cool and go with it.


Royksopp – “Happy Up Here”

Only for the coolest, hippest of dance parties. Not to be used lightly.

What gets you moving? Discuss in the comments!

— Jack, STACKS Staffer

  1. lucca4

    These three should also be added:
    1. Right Round (Flo Rida)
    2. Shooting Star (Pitbull)
    3. Let the Bass Go (Hardnox)

  2. Toni Ann (girl)

    I love Circus and Put A Ring on it. Me and my sister listen to those songs all the time! I don’t know the song Honest Mistake but I think I’m starting to like it. GO ALL 3 OF THOSE SONGS!!!!!!

  3. Nirvanaa

    Have u heard the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? Me and my friend squid-ward were rocking out so hard. Are hair was wild!

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