March 14, 2009

LIVE CHAT! Book-to-Movie Adaptations

STACKS Live Chat: March 14, 4-5 pm ET, Talk in real time all about Book-to-Movie Adaptations with other STACKS members!

Hey, Splotters! A STACKS live chat is coming soon to the Internet near you!

WHEN: Saturday, March 14, 2009, 4-5 p.m. ET
TOPIC: Book-to-Movie Adaptations

Which book-based movies would you give two thumbs up? Which did you like better: the book or the film? Did you miss any characters who were cut from the movie? And if YOU were in the director’s chair, which of your favorite books would you make into a movie — and who would star?

Here’s your chance to share your opinions with other kids on the STACKS — so join in, March 14th!

See you there!

— STACKS Staffers

UPDATE: 3/21 — Check out our Chat Recap!

Thanks to all of you guys who joined the chat.

  1. Breana

    I think a movie caled “SLEEPOVER” should be made into a book because I love that movie
    Features)Alexa Vega (Spykids)

  2. loren

    i loved the book twilight!!! but the movie was kind of a letdown because it was almost nothing like the book. i also read the whole series so i know whats going to happen anywhey

  3. Caitlyn

    Harry Potter and Twilight rock, but I would like to see the book Maximum Ride become a movie. Whether it’s Scholastic or not, it still rocks!!!!!

  4. Rita

    Awesome!I can’t wait to see what others think! So many books are being badly portrayed by Hollywood, either being way too sickeningly glamorized or just plain boring. The best book portrayl I think is of the Harry Potter series, considerng the movies stay closest to the books than others.

  5. stargirl92

    what you guys fav book well mines is all the twlight because she put alot of depth in the book and it be so writenly good and intersting those books r the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. stargirl92

    my fav book is all of stephine myer books including the book twilight and don’t you think edward cute alot of my friends at school thinks he is what about you . well back on the topic alot of people don’t like twlight but i’m not one of them tose book is the bomb!!!!!!!!

  7. Kailey

    I read Coraline then I went to see the movie. It was phenomonal! The screenplay was absolutely beautiful. Why aren’t all movies like this?

  8. skullcandy

    harry potter by far is the best and already own the first four movies and up to the last book

  9. annie

    i can’t decide what movie i like best that was once a book i will have to think about it

  10. Karen, STACKS Staffer

    @emily: Your rating system literally made me LOL! I’m going to start using that when I review books and movies too. :-)
    Can’t wait to see all you guys at the chat!

  11. Jasna

    My fav book of all time is harry potter, it is such a gr8 book, the movies are good too, but not as good as the books!!!..the books ROCK!!!

  12. Prashansa

    i was not aware of this site but our school distributed awesome scohlastic and i got to know it. ur site is awesome and encourages young writers to show their talent.thank u for launching this awesome site .i will suely be online on the 14th and watch.
    ur biggest fan,

  13. monkeygirl142

    i think that the harry potter movies aren’t as vidid as the books but are a lot more practical.

  14. Meg

    I liked the book Ashes of Roses. I’m not sure if it is a scholastic book or not. I read it at my school’s library.

  15. Aubrey

    The book I REALLY want to see hit the big screen is Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. But it would be really hard for them to make the part where Tiamat gets stuck in the portal between the Human World and the Dragon World. Sorry if that spoiled something if you’re reading it.

  16. emily

    twilight was a great book -more like awesome-but the movie had 7 mistakes in the first 10 minutes!!! It didn’t show a lot of slimilarities other than the plot, and the detial was lacking a bit. I give the movie half a thumb and the book three thumbs and a foot (jk)

  17. Toni A

    `my favorite movie is HSM3. It’s a awesome film and book. I think the film is better cause it gives more information than the book does. If I was directer i would have a show called The Toni Show. My mom, dad, sisters, and brother would be in it. if i chose a popstar it would be Sharpay Evans. A.K.A. Ashley tisdale

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