March 2, 2009

Book Review: Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman

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SkeletonCreekNormally, I don’t like scary books. And normally, I don’t like mysteries (maybe because most mysteries are scary?). Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman is both of these things. But after after watching the video, and listening to the interview, I found out this story is also something more. It’s told in two formats: there’s the book, which is from the character Ryan’s point of view, and there’s a series of online videos from his best friend Sarah’s point of
view. And there’s almost nothing I love more than the internet

So last weekend, I found myself reading Skeleton Creek.

Through Ryan’s writing and Sarah’s videos, we are brought into the mystery that they are been exploring. Their tiny little town (ominously called Skeleton Creek) has a secret past. There’s possibly a murder on the old dredge (a big machine that digs up land looking for gold) and probably treasure hidden there. There’s definitely a conspiracy formed by a secret society (that Ryan’s dad is in). There are people watching their every move. And scariest of all, there’s a ghost in the machine.

Or, at least I assume there is. Skeleton Creek leaves you at a terrifying cliffhanger, which will be picked up in October with the second book, titled Ghost in the Machine. Ryan makes a wonderful narrator. The book, which is supposed to be his diary, is quick and engaging. Sarah’s videos are integral to the story — this is a ghost story you really need to see and hear. And I can’t wait to get the rest of the story from the two of them.

— Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. isabella

    4th best book in the universe!!!!and i’ve read a LOT o books!(4th because of th Gallager Girl series-on offince)I wonder if Ryan like likes Sarah cuz of the scarry dream-ya know because of the allmost dream kiss. Guess we wont know till october.
    p.s. read the gallagher girl books. not as bone chilling!but good

  2. pinkpony12080

    i have read this book although my username may be lame(which it is) i know an awesome book when i read one

  3. imisscaitlin

    are they makin a new book if so when can we get it? i read both books in my reading class!awesome posum books!!!!!!

  4. ~alexa+ryan~

    oh and one last thing skeleton creek is not a real place the authir(Patick Carman) just made it up but i have to say he has a big imagination!
    ps:Ryan is mine! jk i wish!

  5. ~alexa+ryan~

    ok so im reading the second book “Ghost in the Machine” and i love it when i was reading the first one i could not stop reading it so i finish it in 2 days, and ryan has inspire me to write a journal about my life (witch it is sad realy sad)anywho im like in love with Ryan!Im 12 and i love this book it is one of the 2 books i realy enjoy!if you like mystery and ghost books you should read this books! and i recomend this book too “The Garden of Eve” it is a realy good book to! im almost done with the second book (Ghost in the Machine) and i cant wait until the 3rd book comeas out. i have heard that ther is 7 books. oh and lets just say that Old Joe Bush is not the person you think he is just read the second book and you shall find out who he realy is!
    love ya Ryan!!!

  6. ?¿ thik twice

    who do we know it real we dont have a map we dont have prob is it true or is it just a book i belibe in the dead but making a book
    and knowing evry thing it a lie i dont see it dont belibe it so thing twice it is true or is it not there is a cyclopedia about old joe bush but who do we know they did t make it evry incyclopedia a wen they make it up or not is it or is not a lie i meen two book ………………… be caerful………………………………………….

  7. TJ

    i love that book so much im gonna be the ghost guy for halloween:) if you havent read it you HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!thats how good it is so READ IT!!!!!!!!!!
    i loved it!!!!:):D

  8. skeleton creek fan

    I wish the book came sooner. Well all I can do is think about whats connected. The last Video the ghost looked cheesy I don’t know if the ghost is real or the budget couldn’t afford a cool animated face or something.


    wow, i hate i have to wait for OCTOBER! i suppose it’s only temporary, because october is the ‘scary’ month. i don’t read it at night. joe bush aka skeleton man creeps me out!

  10. austin

    I just finished reading this book and it was amazing! I can’t wait for the second one to come out! I hope it’s just as good as the first.

  11. Qt 75

    I cant wait for the second book do come out
    I hope Ryan And Sarah get out of the secret room!!!!!
    I wonder if in the second one Ryan gets the Leg cast off his leg so he can explore more in the second book
    i dont have the book but i have all the codes for the first book in my diary and i can almost memorize all the videos

  12. lola

    this book is the best book i have ever read i an upset that the second book comes out in october but i can wait it only took me two days to read it and i loved it. is skeleton creek a rreal place pobblie not i will do researce

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