March 14, 2009

Hot Lead from author Peter Lerangis

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39clues_book3_130Peter Lerangis is sooooooo busy with his diamond hunt AND book tour that he asked me to post his latest video blog for him. Peter flew all the way from New York to San Francisco to continue his diamond hunt (and to meet 39 Clues fans on his book tour, of course!).

Check out the latest video that Peter filmed during The 39 Clues Double-Dealing Tour. Peter received another hot lead that he wants to share with you. Make sure you pay close attention to the code that he shows at the end of the video. Can you crack the code before Peter does?

The next video blog will be coming to you next week from Los Angeles, where Peter knows an expert code-cracker!

Good luck on your hunt!

—Whitney, The 39 Clues Team

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  1. Camp

    I have watched all 4 of the videos, and I cracked all four codes. I cannot wait for the last video to come out. When is it coming out anyway?

  2. Peter

    Thanks, Whitney!
    And thanks to all the readers I’ve met in San Francisco. What an amazing time I had! OK, I just arrived in the city of angels (and celebrities), L.A. — another of my favorite cities. I’m really looking forward to meeting more 39 Clues fans in the area — and I’m also looking for some answers to my clue! I’ll be meeting with my code-cracking friend, who is very very hard to reach and operates in mysterious ways. Keep an eye out for my L.A. video blog very soon …

  3. Rachel

    Peter came to my town, and I got to meet him. I didn’t have a copy of the Sword Thief, (but my brother did) so he signed that. I had some other books by him, so he signed those. Most people know him because of the Sword Thief, but he has also written the awsome “Spy X” series. If you like the sword thief, you should read those. I can’t wait for the next 39 clues book!!!!!!!!