February 6, 2009

Trivia: Candy Apple Books

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Four Candy Apple Trivia Questions by Morgan about The Sister Switch, Callie for President, Making Waves, and Miss Popularity
In the mood for a tasty read? One of my favorite collections is Candy Apple books — colorful, appealing titles for tweens, featuring everything from true-blue friends to strange parents, funny crushes to outrageous teachers. And with titles like Accidentally Fabulous and The Babysitting Wars, you know you’re in for an enjoyable read!

So, here’s a trivia quiz for all you Candy Apple books fans. Happy guessing! Candyapple_misspopularityCandyapple_callieforprez

Question 1: In Miss Popularity, what event does Cassie throw to raise money at her new school: a fashion show, a bowl-a-thon, or a talent show?

Question 2: In Callie for President, who defaces all of Brianna’s campaign posters after school one day: Max, Fish, or Callie herself?

Question 3:
In The Sister Switch, twin sisters Andie and Caitlin are identical in looks, but opposite in personalities. Which twin is so anxious to keep track of her time that she always wears a watch?

Question 4: In Making Waves, new girl Aubrey is hiding a secret. Is she actually a government spy, an undercover actress, or a high-fashion model?

Leave your guesses in the Comments section and stay tuned for the answers!

— Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

  1. jasmine

    ok. i just want to say i love candy apple book, i wish that they can give us free candy apple book wich is sooo cool, i just wish that will hapend that will make all the candy apple fans be happy, jokeing but i do want that to hapend and plus i love mss,papularity i heart you candy apple book :)

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