February 28, 2009

Trends I Caught Too Late

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I count myself among the masses of Harry Potter fans, having stood in line for hours for my copy of Deathly Hallows, and even taking a turn reading during the 10th anniversary webcast.

But I have a confession: I was not on board the Harry Potter train from the beginning.
It wasn't until I was stuck somewhere alone one day that I finally picked up an old copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone that was lying around, to kill some time. Of course, it was amazing, and I was an active fan from them on in, but a little part of me is still bothered by the fact that I was too late.

The cool thing about being “in” on a trend from the very beginning is that you get to experience ALL the excitement, at every stage. In some ways, the early fans are responsible for the book's (or movie's, or band's) later success. With Harry, I only got to experience the tail end of it all.

Looking back, it becomes clear that I have been late on several other trends too. For example: I only JUST played my first Nintendo Wii game a few months ago (and now, I'm totally hooked). I didn't read Twilight until all the hoopla surrounding the release of Breaking Dawn had receded (after which, I promptly read all four books and saw the movie). And my new favorite tween show? It isn't even “new” at all, but I'm addicted to Wizards of Waverly Place.

Fortunately, there's one trend I'm proud to say I caught early, and I'm super satisfied that I did. I read Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games, for ages 12 and up, upon its release, which means I can now participate in all the excitement for its sequel, Catching Fire! (And yes, I geeked out when the cover image of Book 2 was released see it here.

So what are some trends you've caught too late? What about the ones you caught just in time? Leave a comment!

Morgan, Scholastic Staffer

  1. Rachel

    Trends I caught on too late:Hannah Montana.The first episode I saw was well into the 2nd season.
    39 Clues.I got the 1st book out of the library back in May.
    iCarly.I watched it at a friend’s house last September and I got hooked.
    the Percy Jackson series.I didn’t even read The Lightning Thief until after The Last Olympian came out.
    Trends I caught on time:Skeleton Creek.I read it last month and it was AWESOME!

  2. eliza101

    LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t even talk about late! I got HP SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO late
    I thought I was NEVER gonna get a copy, much less finish the seires.

  3. eliza101

    i SOOOOOOOOOO got Harry Potter late. im soo hiper when movie #6 & #7 come out. i just got finished with book #4.

  4. Lili

    I felt like you were talking about me!
    I got late for HP, Twilight (got a little before the 4th one came out), Inkheart (just read the 1st), The Mortal Instruments (at least I got one month before the last book be released).
    At least I got on time for The Hunger Games, Gone and Summoning (all 3 are great books)

  5. StuffedNoodle

    I came on a little late for Harry, too. I had read the first, second, third and fourth book. Then I forgot about it for a loooong time. When the 7th came out, I had totally forgot about the books and had to start all over!
    I’m just starting to getting interested in Twilight. I didn’t know the were a series, I just thought it was a movie. Until I saw Breaking Dawn in a bookstore. I wanted to star on them right away, but my mom’s not sure.
    So, yeah… I’m behind.

  6. Aurora

    Like you, I didn’t read Twilight until the movie was already out. I got the first two for Christmas, and then read them both in one day and bought the other two a few days later.

  7. Scylla

    Trends caught too late??
    iCarly. I remember when it came out and I thought it was the dumbest show ever made.
    Eragon. Missed the first one by forever.
    Trends caught on time?
    39 clues. I’m trying to get every book on its release date. So far, so good.
    Sonny with a Chance. LOVE IT!!

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