February 22, 2009

Create A Caption Panda

CreateacaptionOh, New York City . . . There is always so much to see! Whether it be the New York Public Library, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, a man dressed up in a panda suit, Columbus Circle, Wall Street, or Times Square, one’s eyes could never get bored. Wait a sec, hold it and back up . . . a man in a panda suit? Yep, that’s right! Such is everyday life in the city that never sleeps . . .

Well, I know that when I spotted this spectacle, I was definitely thinking, “What in the world is a man doing dressed up in a panda suit in the middle of Times Square?!” I just wonder what he was thinking.

So it’s time to participate in: “What In The World Was That Guy/Panda Thinking?”


Leave a comment with what you think goes in the thought bubble.

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. boxer4356

    “Is that girl taking a picture of me? Cool! Fred told me if I wore this costume I would get lots of dates….”
    “Is that cup filled with cheese puffs?! Ha! That is by far the weirdest thing on this side of the city! Someone get a picture of this!”

  2. pinksprinkledog9

    yo! not cool! i say don’t dress up as a giant something. it will backfire, also you just look like an idiot! luv u peeps

  3. pinksprinkledog9

    He’s thinking, “OK if this is a joke i will have revenge. also where is the zipper i gotta use the little man pandas room.”

  4. dollar616

    -”Hi,” said the guy/panda to some
    -”Hi,” a tourist replies
    -”Would you donate some money to the Save the Pandas fund?” asked the guy/panda.
    “Um, no,” replies the tourist as he walks away.
    “NO!” yells the guy/panda “Wait, I’ll dance! I’ll sing! I can do a really good ‘New York, New York!”
    The tourist gives the guy/panda a weird look then he keeps walking away.