January 14, 2009

The Hunger Games Soundtrack!

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Hungergames_130 Due to the amazing response from you guys about the dream cast for a Hunger Games movie, I thought to myself, “What’s a movie without a soundtrack?” After my previous entries, Allie Finkle soundtrack and How I Survived Middle School soundtrack, I realized that a Hunger Games soundtrack would have to go in a completely different direction of music. And though I enjoy pop music, for this soundtrack to be true to the book/movie, I’d have to scrap Miley, Taylor, Carrie, David, and the Jo Bros from the list for more alternative music and some less well-known bands.

Now if only someone or some group would write a song based off of the hook on The Hunger Games book cover: “Could you survive on your own, in the wild, with everyone fighting against you?”

Vampire Weekend_51exXgX0+oL._SS500_Carly M.’s picks for the The Hunger Games soundtrack:

“Do The Panic” – Phantom Planet
“D Is For Dangerous” – Arctic Monkeys
“Let the Flames Begin” – Paramore
“The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” – Vampire Weekend
Duffy _51xNrzL-+lL._SS400_ “Viva La Vida” – Coldplay
“Mercy” – Duffy
“We Belong Together” – Gavin Degraw
“One Foot Wrong” – Pink
“We’ve Got A Big Mess On Our Hands” – The Academy Is . . .
“Push & Pull” – Nikka Costa
Coldplay _7090171“This Is Our Town” – We the Kings
“Fate” – Lydia
“Rise From The Ashes” – Quietdrive
“When I’m Gone” – 3 Doors Down

Also, take a look at Carly H.’s Hunger Games soundtrack.

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

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  1. Jami

    I really think the Hunger Games deserves an amazing soundtrack, possibly featuring songs that aren’t popular or well-known at all. I personally hope that the soundtrack won’t be composed of bands, but will make use of some of the brilliant instrumentals that are out there. There is an artist that I love who isn’t well-known, but who makes music that I could totally picture listening to on the big screen while Katniss is running through the forest or feeling emotional. Her name is Jami Sieber (and she’s not me; we share the same name) and I particularly like her songs called “Hidden Sky” and “Benediction”. I really hope someone would check these songs out. The Hunger Games is going to be BIG! I’m a little weary of it getting too big, though, because then I’ll feel like I’m just following the mainstream fads instead of discovering one hidden gem of a book. That happened with Harry Potter and Twilight for me, but maybe certain books are so good that its meant for them to get super popular. I’m such a bookworm!!!

  2. Julie

    i think they should be painful songs with emotions. thats why i think imogen heap songs are absolutely PERFECT for this soundtrack for Hunger Games.
    for the first book i think the song “hide and seek” is really good. for the second book i thing “wait it out” is good. and for like peeta and katniss parts i like “speeding cars” and the song “earth” reminds me of gale and katniss hunting in the woods. if you havent heard of these… check them out! the lyrics go really good with them (well some of the lyrics are really random but most fit perfectly) and the sad and heart-wrenching feeling of the games is really in the songs. they are so good for the movie when they make one!
    check them out:
    Hide and seek
    wait it out
    speeding cars
    (all by imogen heap)

  3. catching_fire

    Everybody Hurts-R.E.M
    Shape of My Heart- Sting
    New Years Day- U2
    Lullaby to an Anxious Child- Sting
    I couldn’t think of anything else.

  4. cait

    Check out Are There Giants, Too by Meg & Dia.
    The song is about our government, but if you listen to it in the literal sense, it sounds like something for the rebellion in the districts.
    (not my lyrics)
    You best be quick,
    you got to run
    theyre coming at you with their guns
    They’re chasing after you with jail bars, haha
    Who ever thought we’d fall so far?
    Youve got to learn to act like god.
    You rule the world you get the word
    and if someone shall fall behind
    Just let their suffering slip your mind.
    Are there giants, too
    In this dance?
    ‘Cause this is about life
    and life isn’t about death.
    –In my opinion, it could also kind of go with whats going on in the arena just as well as the capitol.

  5. Ally

    Here are some of the songs i listed-
    Strange and beautiful by Aqualung- Manily how Peeta feels to Katniss
    Lose control by Evanescence- How the hunger games sort of makes them crazy and how they wish it would all be over
    I’m so sick by flyleaf- I listened to this song alot when i was reading it and it just fits nicely
    While we wait for the others by Grizzly Bear- Reminds me of peeta and katniss and the song fits that eerie feeling in the hunger games.
    The howling by Within temptation- At the end when Peeta and Katniss set off to kill Cato.
    Hyseria by Muse- The carrers.
    The only exception by Paramore- Katniss.
    Numb by Evanescence- It kinda describes Katniss near the end to Peeta.
    Brighter by Paramore- Really fits it!
    There you have it! Best book ever!!! :D

  6. hungergames.you

    ever heard of paramore? Wayyy better
    the circle
    stay away
    let the flames begin
    i caught myself
    anddddd sunday bloody sunday

  7. Abby

    All That I’m Living For-Evanescence
    Sweet Sacrifice-Evanescence (predictably)
    Like A Stone-Audioslave
    Numb-Linkin Park
    Don’t Believe-Seether
    Pages-3 Doors Down

  8. HungerGamesAddiction

    I almost forgot, add there “Two is Better than One” by Boys like Girls ft. Taylor Swift. It could be the part where they team up to become the first 2 winners something. This could be their duet as star crossed lovers.

  9. HungerGamesAddiction

    Give me your opinion whether the song “Never knew I needed” by Ne-Yo wold fit as Peeta’s song for Katniss. And “Fearless” by Taylor Swift as song by Katniss to Peeta. Thanks. PS: “If this isn’t love” by Jennifer Hudson. This song could also be the part where Katniss tells Peeta the star crossed lovers was just an act. Pls give your opinion. Thanks again. :)

  10. Brittany

    I Think To KNow That You’re Alive by Kutless would be great. I encourage you all to listen to it. It goes with it so well. And Alos what I’ve done by Likin Park Would be good

  11. Molly!

    intense piano music for the arena. alt. rock for before the Reaping. whatever works…most of the book is serious so there should be serious songs. xD

  12. Diana

    i always imagened the soundtrack to be very
    metal or hard rock.. a perfect band that slams the goverment or in the “hunger Games” case “the capitol” would be system of a down…hypnotized, b.y.o.b, and chop suey…are some song tht i thought would be good or even lonly day…maybe “one” by metallica haha…well thts what i imagened

  13. Mallory

    So, I heard this song from flyleaf called Arise the other day, and I immediatly thought of the hunger games. Here is a bit of the lyrics. (note-I do not own these!)
    Tell the swine,
    We will make it out alive
    There’s a note in the pages of the book
    So sleep tonight,
    We’ll sleep dreamlessly this time
    When we awake we’ll know that everything’s alright
    And sing to me about the end of the world
    End of these hammers and needles for you
    Hold on to the world we all remember fighting for,
    There’s still strength left in us yet
    Hold on to the world we all remember dying for,
    There’s still hope left in it yet

  14. Alfonse

    wow. 3 doors down and paramore unpopular? those two bands are extremely popular. 3 doors down has been around since before miley and jonas’s were born, they are more popular than the “jo bros” and miley will ever be.

  15. Alishaa

    I think the song:
    Two Worlds Collide – Demi Lavato.
    B/coz it tells a story bout Katniss and her world colliding with Peeta/Gales relshionship. And I truly think Rue’s Lullaby.
    Thanks :)

  16. katnisslove

    Riot-Three Days Grace(when Katniss is getting shoot up the tube right before the games are about to begin then when everyone looks at each another then fighting begins.)
    get out alive-Three days grace(the last three standing..Katniss, Peeta and Cato while fighting the mutts)
    Burn Burn-LostProphets(when they are training)
    Everything-Lifehouse(katniss,Peeta kiss and taking care for each another)

  17. Luke

    I’m making a book trailer for the Hunger Games and I am wandering if you think Animal I Have Become suits it. It really suits how she is changing and becoming more of an animal and her rage for the Capitol. What do you think

  18. K

    I think One More by Superchickk is a great idea! Also, the songs ‘the kill’ by thirty seconds to mars and ‘stand my ground’ by within temptation sound good too. Especially ‘stand my ground’. it really reminds me of katniss