January 22, 2009

Our Inaugural Chat — Yes, We Did!

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Live Chat, January 22 on THE STACKS! Topic: Presidential Inauguration

Thanks for joining our chat!

On Tuesday, 1/20, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president
of the United States, and it was a historic moment for the United States! But you probably already knew that — after all, between teachers, parents, and,
like, every single news reporter in the country, it seems like everyone has been talking about the inauguration. Except you never really hear what kids have to say. What’s up with that?

Well, we gave kids their chance to talk about the inauguration. On Thursday, 1/22, we hosted a real-time online chat room on THE STACKS and invited kids to discuss the inauguration with one another.

Thanks to all of you guys who joined the chat.

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  1. darkangle

    wow i love obama i am sooo siked that he is going to be the prz.did anyone elis notice that the kids are better exsepting to one another about being a democrat or a rebubukin

  2. Natty (hp_twilight_catz)

    AWESOME!!! It sounds really cool!! (even though I don’t live in the US, but still!!)

  3. imbozimo

    Barack Obama made history this year, which is exciting, but I still would’ve preferred John McCain to win.

  4. Kani-chan

    Obama won! I’m so happy! I don’t really think John McCain would’ve been a good president, but that’s just my opinion. Share your opinions, people!

  5. cookiedough15

    I so wanted Barack Obama to win.I didnt like John McCain.He only care about himself.

  6. fuzionbomb

    lol it so exiting that obamas pres of the usa and is goung to be on tv but he is a star so what do you think

  7. kimi

    I love Barack Obama i am a democrat, He may be the best president ever!!!
    Best time in black history

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