January 7, 2009

Guardians of Ga’hoole: Finally a Movie!

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Hey all you Guardians of Ga’hoole fans. You’re reading that headline right. The Guardians of Ga’hoole series by Kathryn Lasky is being made into a movie!

It’s going to be an animated film, made by the same people who did Happy Feet. The movie will encompass the story in the first three books. And just announced over the weekend: now we know who’ll be doing some of the voices!

Actor Ryan Kwanten will be the voice of Soren. Hugh Jackman (whom I love as Wolverine in the X-Men movies!) and Hugo Weaving will also be joining Ryan Kwanten to voice characters in the movie. But I can’t find who they’re voicing! Hugo Weaving’s played a lot of older, ruler-type characters like Elrond in the Lord of the Rings movies and Noah the Elder in Happy Feet. So maybe he’ll fill a similar role and voice Ezylryb in this movie. Then again, maybe not.

In this case, your guess is as good as mine. So I want to hear your guesses! Which characters do you think Hugh Jackman and Hugo Weaving will be voicing?

— Carly H., STACKS Staffer

UPDATE 5/5/10: Check out the movie trailer. It looks AWESOME!

UPDATE 11/19/09: Sorry, it’s not an update about the movie, but I thought you might want to know about Kathryn Lasky’s newest series, The Wolves of the Beyond. Here’s a Sneak Peek!

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  1. teacup

    I am glad they are finally making it into a movie, and I definitely think that Hugh Jackman will be playing the role of Twilight. For those of you who want to know at the moment the movie is scheduled to come out on September 24, 2010, but I do not know if that will last it has been changing.

  2. RawmilkMcDogbreath

    i have a lot in commen with owls i’m up practicly all night my mom hase to get to the rage point just to wake me up and thats usualy at 2 in the afternoonso thats average in my mind and i love to eat meat not raw mind you

  3. joey

    i cant remember when i posted the last comment… but i’m back the movie is comeing 2010 right i told my friend lex she didnt beleave me but i let her post a comment so yeah hey kathryn if you ar reading this i’d just like to say thank you without your amazing imagination to write these books i would be in a life of eternal blackness and you inspired me to write but enyway is this gunna be live action it wuold be cool in computor anime though yaaaaaaaaay

  4. lex

    i’m so exited racdrops this is the best thing EVER i am gunna yarp 90000000000000000000000000000 pellets each day till i see that awsome movie it better not stink like twilight did i dont mean the owl i mean the vampire series enyway i have read every book from the capture to war of the ember great glaux my talons ar sore frome typing faster then when i hunt sigh i’m such a chaterbox arnt i deep braeth deep breath deep breath good thing the desert of kuneer has cencors huh um please forgive me kathryn lasky i am allways like this i’m en unpleasent chaterbox hwo loves your books ar you gunna make more i’m your biggist fan

  5. animalplanet

    yay a movie i am exited is it in 3D is it life action is it real i thaught my friend was gunna faint when i told her ooooooooooooooooh yeah… GAURDIANS OF GA’HOOLE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKS cough cough exuse me YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I CANT WAIT Kludd rules

  6. alice

    sweet i cant take that a movies coming out i love this series more then l love chocolate and i love chocolate this is going to be great please pardon me i have to go scream now

  7. liv

    it will be awsome i can’t wait i’ve read all the books including the guide and 1-10 twice it will be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. gylfielover48

    good galux!!!! I love this series. Its too bad i am only on the second book. My favroite chareter is gylfie. I hope Hugh Jackman is twilight.Anyways the movie will be great no matter you speaks you!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  9. Keygan

    this will be a great movie and i think Weaving will play someone like Ezylryb or maybe Boron!!! P.S. I love the series :)

  10. crazymonkeymadness

    This is crazymonkermadness and galux in….hagsmire is totally awesome for calling me awesome my fav character is twilight he all like HiYAH! to everyone i’m on the thirtenenth book now btw

  11. crazymonkeymadness

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! IT’s crazymonkeymadness again and im now almoast done with the thirteenth book!!!!!!!!GO GA’HOOLE

  12. ariel v

    OMG!!!!!! i love the books so much im totally getting the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait i wish it was 2010 now!!!!

  13. ks


  14. jgfjgfjhgfjhgfjgfjhgfjhgfjhgf

    I have read the entire series twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. nonamebear

    I think Hugh Jackman might be Twilight… or Kludd… or someone else. and Hugo Weaving will either be playing Ezylryb or Boron.

  16. emily

    wow i can’t belive it’s gonna be a movie. i’m sooooooo glad though that it’s only about the first 3 books though cuz i am like 3 chaptars awaw from finishing the 3rd book!!!!! cant wait 4 it 2 come out!!!!